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Kal - Yesterday And Tomorrow Preview

Kal - Yesterday And Tomorrow Peview
Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla, Raam Kapoor, Roshan 'Shiny' Ahuja, Chitrangda Singh, Smriti Mishra, Vivek Madan
Ruchi Narain
Sudhir Mishra

Kal - Yesterday And Tomorrow

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

More and more young film makers are coming up with innovative ideas on a regular basis. Emergence of multiplexes has also given hope to many independent film makers to realize their dream on screen. Ruchi Narain is one such writer/director who gets one such opportunity to come up with a thriller shot in a 'different' manner. Sudhir Mishra is the executive producer of this movie titled 'Kal - Yesterday & Tomorrow' that has already been screened at international film festivals and garnered positive response.

Shiney Ahuja and Chitrangda, who were earlier seen together in Sudhir Mishra's 'Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi', are paired opposite each other in 'Kal' as well. They play Tarun Haksar and Bhavna, a young couple in love with each other. Their circle of friends included Maya [Smriti Mishra], Teji [Murad Ali] and Sangeeta [Malaika Shenoy]. While Maya Jalan is the daughter of an industrialist who craves to be a musician but is stopped from doing so by her protective parents, Sangeeta is a lawyer and is a full-of-life friend of Bhavna and Maya whereas Teji is Tarun's oldest friend and now his co-worker.

Entire group of friends belong to Mumbai's upper class and have a rollicking time with each other while having fun, cracking jokes, singing, dancing, partying, wining and dining. Such was the love between Tarun and Bhavna that everyone believed they would eventually tie a knot.

But then, as the punch line of the movie says, LIFE HAPPENED.....

Such is the way time controls your lives that what would happen next is unexpected and unanticipated. Because instead Tarun goes on marry Bhavna's best friend Maya [Smriti Mishra]. The obvious thought in everyone's mind was that it is Bhavna's rich status that had made ambitious Tarun forget about his love and chase his dreams instead. And why not when Tarun was notoriously famous for his hunger of wealth, power and fame!

Life moves on and it is one year since the marriage of Tarun and Maya. And this is the point where the movie starts. Bhavna, a photographer is shown to have gone in a shell as she still hadn't been able to come out from the shock that Tarun gave her. Matter is further aggrieved with Tarun suddenly meeting her one fine night and staying with her for the entire night.

And the following morning the news breaks!

Maya is DEAD. She has been MURDERED!

The needle of suspicion points to Tarun but all this while Bhavna becomes Tarubn's alibi. But then is Tarun really clean in this crime? And is she being used? Or are there any clues from the past that would bring out the truth.

The truth about her friends. The truth about Tarun-Maya marriage. The truth about the murder.

The truth about her lover who left her for someone else!

All this while she is supported by her friend Sangeeta who encourages her to come out of her self-imposed hibernation. Meanwhile Teji supports his best friend Tarun throughout and also turns out to be a key witness in the murder case. Another person who joins the scene is Rohan Sehgal [Ram Kapoor], a TV news reporter who is covering the murder case. While he is covering the investigation, he comes in close contact with Bhavna and eventually falls in love with her. He is also the narrator of the movie.

Some other people who are important angles to this drama are Yashwant Dayal [Boman Irani], CEO of Jalan Enterprises and Sarika,who plays the socialite sister of Tarun and basks in the glory of her brother. Her dreams and ambitions too are lived through the success of her brother.

In the end will truth about the murder ever come out in open? Would Tarun be able to go scot-free?

Is it really the case of "what you see is what you get"?

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