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'Kalki' offered me a nice opportunity: Adah Sharma

Saturday, June 29, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Kalki offered me a nice opportunity: Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma was seen in this week's release 'Kalki' as Rajasekhar's pair. In this interview, the talented actress talks about what made her do the investigative thriller, why she is satisfied as an actress, her future projects and more.  

What made you sign the film?

I had seen Prasanth Varma's 'AWE' and thought it was a very cool and interesting film.  It was a new kind of movie.  I really wanted to do 'Kalki' when I listened to the story.  After 'Kshanam', I became very choosy in Telugu.  And the role in 'Kalki' is very different from the kind of stuff I had done before.  

How is your role different?

I have played a doctor named Padma.  This is the first time I played a doctor in a movie.  She doesn't speak too much.  She conveys through silences.  I can convey a lot of things through my eyes, which is why I was roped in.  Even the romance in the movie is very subtle.  There is no hugging, kissing, etc.  There was no physical proximity between two lovers in the olden days' films.  There is no drama or over-acting.  

Are you not unhappy that you haven't got much screen-time in the movie?

Every role, every character in every movie has its own scope.  It is about what you do with the role.  It's old-fashioned to think about how much is the run time.  My screen time in 'Heart Attack' was so much that everyone still compares the run-time of my character in each movie to that.  The promos of 'Kalki' said that it's a Rajasekhar movie.  In my first Hindi film, I played a girl who gets possessed.  Each role is different.  I enjoyed playing the role in 'Kalki' because she is different from how I am in real life.  She is not a bubbly, happy girl.  She is understated.

What kind of homework did you do, given that it's a period drama?

I watched a lot of retro films.  The body language of girls back then was different.  They were wearing sarees and, naturally, the body language would change in terms of how they sit, etc.  There are actresses like Waheeda Rehman whose body language was versatile.  

How was it working with Rajasekhar?

I am very fortunate to have got to work with someone vastly experienced like Rajasekhar garu.  He has done so much in the film industry.  He was enthusiastic and saw himself as a newcomer.  He treated me not as a junior.  He loves his craft.  

How happy are you about the way your career has shaped up?

The Telugu fans are so loyal and protective.  They say only nicest things about me on social media.  I still remember how the audience and the media reacted when 'Heart Attack' was yet to be released.  You wrote nice things about me.  I am also lucky that people have high expectations of me.  If I don't have a terrific role, they say that it could have been done by anyone and there was no need for Adah to play it.  If I do a random commercial movie, my fans will be irritated even if it does well.  They want me to do only really, really good stuff.  

What is the toughest part of being in the film industry?

If you are a bad person to work with, it's difficult regardless of the language.  If my mind space is not right, it's not easy to switch between characters.  Working with bad people is the biggest challenge.  It's the worst thing to have to deal with bad people.  I have been lucky to work with very good people.  I started out with Puri Jagannadh sir, an amazing person.  

What do you aspire to do as an actress in the future?

My dream has always been to work in all languages.  I have done Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.  I have done a Hollywood project as well.  I want to work in all other Indian languages.  I have established my own niche.  I am happy that people come to me saying they wrote the role only for me.  There are cases when I rejected movies which surprised many.  When I signed 'Kshanam', some people said that I went mad and that it won't be good for my career.  

What are your upcoming projects?

I am doing 'Commando-3' in Hindi.  It's a franchise film and I am doing the same role that I did in 'Commando-2'.  Bhavana Reddy, my character, has been retained for the third edition.  I am playing a Telugu girl in the Hindi movie.  I am doing 'Holiday', a web series.  She goes on a tour with her friends who all are boys.  'Man To Man' is a romantic comedy which will be released in three languages.  I am playing a man in the film.  Two short films of mine are going to be out soon.  If I get a brilliant role, I am open to any language.  I have signed to do a Telugu movie which will be shot from September.

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