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Kallapetty Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 25, 2013 • Tamil ]
Kallapetty Review
Aswhin K Balaji, Bhoomika, Veni, Namo Narayana, Jayaprakash, `Black' Pandi etc
Ra Ra
Sabesh Murali

It is true that we live in an age of brokers. We have brokers for marriage,  investment, used cars etc. But thanks to director Ra Ra we have found one more niche broker : he introduces us to a broker bartender who  mediates over `cutting'.  ( For the uninitiated, cutting' is when two strangers pool their money in a bar and share the booze). That is the only time when you marvel `eppadi ellam yosikarangapa'. Other than that the film spins a story that takes a predictable turn everywhere.

Yogi is a carefree young man, who hangs out with his friend mostly, and spends a little time trying to be a two bit broker, for everything from real estate to eggs of a `pon vandu'. His mother, a vegetable vendor,  has borrowed money from Dandapani (Namo Narayan) at usurious rates, and is at his mercy. He is the kind of guy who dreams of lakhs in commissions, but is lucky to get a couple of hundreds. Most of his time is spent drinking in the bar, and once after a `cutting' session with a father he meets Jyothisha (Veni)  and Rosin (Bhoomika) and finds out that their mother died  after being victimized by the money and women crazy  Dandapani. The two girls make a living as `dance girls'.  Jyothisha, who had been a sorrowful person slowly begins to find happiness in Yogi's company.

However, their happiness is short lived. Dandapani, who has a wife who is so accommodating that she not allows her husband to keep another woman, but also fetches him whoever he fancies.. and that is how Jyothisha ends up dancing for the usurer. The situation gets further complicated when Yogi beats up Dandapani's assistant who comes for collecting the due interest from his mother. A clever Dandapani files a police case, Yogi is arrested and questioned by Jayaprakash. Dandapani meanwhile delivers an ultimatum to Jyothisha to come to his room. You must be asking , Does Yogi clear his name? Does Jyothika fall prey to Danapani's vaillainy . We don't want to put down spoilers here, but don't go expecting surprises.

There are five songs, and Sabesh Murali has tried to do a good job. But the songs do not haunt you even after you leave the theatre. Jayaprakash and `Black' Pandi have done a neat job. The three lead characters do an average job. Selvakumar's cinematography remind you of the 1990s, which is where the film too belongs. Editing is sleek and the film has a running time of around 90 minutes. Thank god for small mercies.

Rating : 1.5/5

Verdict : Yawn

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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