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Kalloori Kalangal Music Review

Kalloori Kalangal Music Review
Sukumar, Priyanka Chandira, Manobala, Pandi, Yuvarani, Vanitha
M A Romoshiva
T Vasudevan, A Sridhar, P Gireesh
Rajesh Ramalingam
Kalloori Kalangal
Not worth remembering
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 • Tamil Comments

`Kalloori Kalangal' is a forthcoming movie directed by MA Ramoshiva for producers T Vasudevan, A Sridhar and P Gireesh. The movie is largely handle by debutants in all areas. Sukumar and Priyanka Chandira are new faces introduced in lead roles. Manobala, Pandi, Yuvarani, Vanitha are also there.

Music is by Rajesh Ramalingam. There are six songs in the film.  Kousik,Yash Golcha, Padmalatha, Prabhakaran, Chithra Mahalingam, MA Ramoshiva, D. Murugavel, M Vineeth, Kovai Murali, Bhargavi Shridhar have sung the songs written by T. Sivasubramaniam.

1. Kalloori Kalangal - Listen here

Singer: Kousik

Lyricist: T. Sivasubramaniam

Starts with soft guitar and soars to fast rhythms. Synthesizer, some rap it's all there. Sounds a College song in all terms but fails in its attempt to be a motivational song. Very ordinary arrangement.

2. Indha Naal - Listen here

Singer: Yash Golcha

Lyricist: T. Sivasubramaniam

This song has used the "Vaarai Nee Vaarai" from `Manthirikumari' as the opening lines. "Indha Naal" is much similar to the previous number in all parameters. Sounds a friendship song but very predicable in terms of music. Rhythms and beats make you feel these song could have done better in a 1982 all new faces college campus film.

3. Kana Ondru - Listen here

Singer: M. Padmalatha

Lyricist: T. Sivasubramaniam

"Kana Ondru" is a girly number. Very basic instrumentation by the music directors who makes the song inept. A bit long and that makes it even dreary.

4. Seval Kodi - Listen here

Singers: Prabhakaran, Chithra Mahalingam, MA. Ramoshiva, D. Murugavel

Lyricist: T. Sivasubramaniam

Opening Urumi and melam leads this village dapangkuthu well, but that's all in the song. Sounds a hero worshiping song in the company of a female voice but ends up very lame.

5. Kana Ondru - Listen here

Singer: M. Vineeth

Lyricist: T. Sivasubramaniam

A male version of third song. Much similar.

6. Manjal - Listen here

Singers: Kovai Murali, Bhargavi Shridhar

Lyricist: T. Sivasubramaniam

The tune of this song is shamelessly lifted from the classic `Thazhaiyaam Poo Mudithu' from `Bagapirivinai'. The timeless melody has been adapted for a parody fight of tradition and modern life. He wants his woman to use manjal instead of soap. He likes saree and feels the beauty is not in a salwar, chudidar and so on. Amateurish.

On the whole we would like to know what all would have gone through the minds of the people responsible for these songs, while doing these songs. They are very predictable in all senses. Almost all the rhythms of the songs are like they have been taken out of stock music. Something what is preinstalled in basic synthesizers or keyboards you get today. There is nothing new in any of the songs.

While we appreciate the sincerity of the music director and others we also like to tell them that Tamil film music has grown leaps and bounds from what it was in the early 80s. The entire team has to come back and prove them again. All the best wishes for that.