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Kalyan Babai, I have a surprise for you: Ram Charan

Ram Charan has revealed on Saturday that he has a surprise for Pawan Kalyan, who celebrates his birthday on Sept 2 (Sunday).  What exactly it's is to be seen.  

It's expected that the surprise will also charm Mega fans in general and Pawanists in particular.  

This year has seen the Power Star-Mega Power Star duo sharing a lot of bonhomie.  The 'Rangasthalam' success meet was an eye feast.  

Recently when the 'Sye Raa' teaser was released, Cherry said, "The first person to whom I WhatsApped the film's teaser is Pawan Kalyan babai.  After watching the teaser, babai replied to me saying it's superb and that he is looking forward to watch the movie in theatre."