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Kalyug Preview

Kalyug Peview
Kunal Khemu, Smily Suri, Deepal Shah, Emran Hashmi
Mohit Suri
Mukesh Bhatt
Anu Malik


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

Indian cinema is venturing into unexplored territories at an alarming speed. The year started off on a brilliant note with exposure of rich and the famous in 'Page 3'. Now it's the turn of a common man's life to be captured on camera [though candidly] in 'Kalyug'.

Because 'One man's tragedy is another man's entertainment'!

Welcome to the world of Bhatts who continue to mix sex and thrills together ever so successfully year after year. While their 'Zeher' directed by Mohit Suri minted a lot of money, the same producer-director 'jodi' hopes to finish off the year on a winning note as well with 'Kalyug'. Pretty likely because the movie also stars Bhatt's blue eyed boy Emraan Hashmi!

The movie launches Kunal Khemu, a regular with the Bhatts in their earlier movies, where he appeared as a child artist. Remember 'Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke' and 'Zakhm'? He had also starred in movies outside Bhatts productions like Raja Hindustani and Bhai to name a few. Now the boy has grown up to be a handsome hunk and stars opposite director's sister Smiley Suri. The movie also marks the debut of Deepal Shaw, a known name now after a couple of sizzling music videos.

'Kalyug' narrates the tale of a modern day world when your world is not just your own. When there is a third eye somewhere, which is monitoring you all the time. And when it's all the time, it is literally ALL THE TIME! Even if that means your private moments in the confines of your own room.

Kunal Darr [Kunal Khemu] also became the victim of this hidden eye that sees him in act with his wife Renuka. Renuka, who is a simple girl with a sad past as an orphan and now looked forward to a rosy future with Kunal who promised her all the love and affection.

But did she know that her intimacy with her hubby would be out there in open for the world to see?

The third eye is none other than a hidden camera that tapes them on their first night. If this wasn't enough, the two are also arrested them by police and charged with making pornographic films. Unable to cope up with all the humiliation and insult, Renuka's world is shattered all over again. And she didn't have any other choice but to commit suicide!

Now Kunal had only one mission in his life! To prove himself innocent and find the source behind the hidden cameras. Who operated this camera? Where did the tapes develop? Who were involved in this racket? Which market did these tapes eventually reach? Were there any more people like him who were trapped in this messy situation?

Who were the people who actually controlled the entire business?

And to his horror, he explores the fact that this nexus was much bigger than he could have ever imagined. Because it was not just India but a number of centers in the outside world that were functioning behind the scenes. And one of such places was Zurich!

Zurich, where an entire world of pornography opened up to the world. Whether it is legalized prostitution, strip shows, XXX clubs, drugs and everything else that is associated with sex, sleaze and drugs. Kunal has to fight the crime but he doesn't know the identity of the criminal. He has to take the revenge for the death of his wife but he doesn't know whom to take revenge from.

But he has one ray of hope. A famous Indian porn star Annie [Deepal Shaw] . He possesses just a photograph of the woman in question but he is clueless about one fact! Is she the enemy who has spoilt his life? Or is she herself a victim of this organized crime who would instead be providing him help to reach the epicenter of this crime!

His journey continues and he comes across a colorful character Alibhai [Emran Hashmi], who himself is a part of the porn business in Amsterdam. An