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Kamal gets angry for Sendrayan's eviction

Sendrayan’s eviction from Bigg Boss was unbelievable for viewers. Most were expecting Aishwarya to be eliminated or at least Mumtaj. But it didn’t happen so. But here’s the latest scoop from the Twitter feed of those who actually watched the program live.

Reportedly Kamal had gotten into a heated argument before that particular program began and after announcing Sendrayan’s name for eviction he had thrown the red card in anger it seems. We also very well know that Kamal roasted both Aishwarya and Mumtaj as well.

But guess what? We had only witnessed a little of what has happened. Word is that Kamal was much more fierce to Aishwarya and Mumtaj which seems to have been edited out of the final cut. In addition to this, the word is that Kamal helped Sendrayan get extra payment more than he was promised.

So it seems like Sendrayan’s eviction was carried out against Kamal’s standing. But know what people are saying ? It would be better for Kamal to not participate in such shows and save his reputation. 

What do you think?