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Kamsale Kaisale Review

Kamsale Kaisale Review
Master Snehith, Master Vasuki Vaibhav, Master Chiranjeevi, Master Dhimanth, Master Anil, Master Vinay Kumar, Baby Amulya, Sridhar, Nagabharana, Jayaram, Shanthamma, Girish Jetty, Naginibharana, Lakshmi Bhagavathar, Sripathy Manjanbail, RTO Devaraj, Manjunath Belekere and others.
TS Nagabharana
Manjunath and Nagini Bharana
K Kalyan

Kamsale Kaisale

IndiaGlitz [Friday, November 9, 2012 • Kannada] Comments


Recording the history is also responsibility of mass media. That is not only social responsibility but also drives the present and future generation to corrective steps.

The film `Kamsale Kaisale' by veteran TS Nagabharana has done the right job of focusing on the art form of `Kamsale' that is so rhythmic and resounding. With modernity coming in the middle director concentrates more on the art form and documents the losing art form of the ancient history. `Kamsale' is still prevalent in the Malai Mahadeshwara surroundings. Kamsale was used here and there in Kannada for song format. In `Janumada Jodi' it was a popular song of `Kolu Mande Jangamadeva...sung by LN Shastry fetched him state award for Shivarajakumar and team of `Kamsale' in 1995.  In `Kamsale Kaisale' in a broad perspective super hit films director TS Nagabharana looks at the life and culture of the folk art people. The significance of this folk art TSN captures in a very interesting way once the film moves from city to `Madhaiah' and hilly region.

School going student Madhava (master Snehith) has strong liking to sound of `Kamsale' and he is distanced from it by his father Ranganatha. The sound of `kamsale' is so haunting for this young boy and he is lost for this sound in the school excursion to hilly region of Mahadeshwara temple. Madhava found by `Guddaru' Kamsamle team headed by Madhaiah (Sridhar) is regarded as very lucky. Madhaiah sees some rare strength in the boy. A few of the boys of the age of Madhava dislike him for getting more prominence. Yet Madhava survives with good nature in him. In the city missing Madhava is vigorously searched but only in a television set his face was found with different attire of `Kamsale singer'.

Madhava inclined to the Kamsale art form and loves living with the cultural team of Madhaiah is forcibly taken to city after a friction.

Master Snehith as Madhava has given a cool and composed performance. His innocence and naughty nature in the city is very enjoyable. It is veteran Sridhar, Bharatanatyam exponent taking on Kamsale art form touches your heart. Vasuki, Vaibhav and Chiranth as young boys have given good performance.

Besides Ananth Urs getting attention for his very nice cinematography the music of this film by K Kalyan is in high standards. Two are very popular songs - Chandadiro Chandidiro..and Anu Male Jenu Male...

This is not just a children film but eye opener for elders plus makes us to know the folk art lifestyle.

Score - 7/10




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