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Kangana up close and personal
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 • Hindi Comments

B-town mix of fervor and talent Kangana Ranaut in a bare all interview with indiaglitz gets up close and personal about her journey from the Hills to the Mumbai’s movie producing mills. The tenacity to excel as an actress despite all hurdles is evident as she is untouched by Rajjo’s B.O. betrayal as she knows her love for acting only increases and makes her a better actress and a stronger person. Over to Kangana.

What is Queen all about

It’s a film about a girl Rani and how she evolves through a journey. Director Vikash Bahl told me he does not want to westernize the girl. She goes in the same clothes and comes back in the same clothes. She changes as a person. Many people will connect to her. She goes to Paris from New Dehli on her honeymoon all alone.

This film is a story of a girl’s journey and is touted to be an inspiring journey of a woman. How has this journey changed you as a person

This is not particularly the story of a girl. It can be anyone. You study and become a graduate engineer a dream but dreams don’t come true and plans are shattered.  There comes a point in our lives when we lose confidence and don’t respect ourselves. Her spirit evolves through the journey.  My younger brother related to the film too.  It can be the story of anyone. Ours is a planned society where you graduate and get married and then buy insurance.  It’s from a guy’s perspective. She is a girl who has no self esteem, no confidence and no self respect.  She does not change the way she dresses up. I could relate. I did deep research and I come from a social system where girls are not allowed to talk loudly or laugh or ask a question. Definitely as a person it has made me sensitive to persons whom I disliked. Rani doesn’t accept anyone easily. She cannot talk properly. It has changed me I don’t judge people easily now. Earlier I was judgmental.  I change every day.  I have warmed up to a lot of people now.

Why do you feel that bigger heroes are given more importance? While you have done strong roles too

I am saying in general that every girl is paid less and boys are paid more.  Be it assistant director, music composers, technicians women don’t get paid as much as men it’s not a nice thing. I don’t think that everything is perfect because my world is perfect.  But it is all going to change soon.  Female centric films are already doing well and there are films like Queen and Revolver Rani coming soon.

What are your high points and where do you want to go from here

I think after Gangster it’s been almost eight years I had to work hard. I got the same kind of roles. I got out of it. Then came a phase where I tried to find myself in those roles. I accepted roles like Krrish 3 because I didn’t come from an influential background.  I had to work hard and I am trying to do a lot more than what I am doing now.

Any particular genre you want to do

As an actor and creative person real life stories inspire me their screenplay is beautiful than reality.  If I can direct I will chose my films. I would love to do a Biography it has to be inspired from any part.

You write dialogue what inspired you, heard you are planning to do a writing course from New York Film Academy

I started relating to the character so I wrote the dialogue. I have written what I felt.  I love writing. I want to do a lot of other things apart from acting. I am planning to do a writing course from New York in screenplay writing.  I write a lot of poetries.

How pampered were you as a child

I was never a pampered child. My parents were always embarrassed of me.  I always stuck out like a sore thumb. I always said something wrong at the right time and did crazy things at weddings. My grandfather was an IAS officer and I would say something wrong always.  My dad had gone to Chandigarh and that was the only fashion for people in the mountains.  I told him to get me shorts and I wore them and straw hats. My father was like who is that. People chased me so that my dad can pull my ear. My grandfather was in Mumbai I had done Gangster.  My grandparents died of embarrassment. My parents were not that rigid.  My Father had worked in Mumbai and had friends here He was worried for me he was not in favour of me using the surname.

Why haven’t you worked with Aditya Chopra as yet

He has his own school of thought. He has talented actors like Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra. He’s quite self sufficient.  Even for Mardani they approached Rani Mukherjee. If she had refused the film maybe they would have approached me.

When did you feel like a queen

There were many points when I felt like a queen.

Scene where you fight for your purse

Since she never stands or struggles for herself. This is where she puts her foot down and fights for her purse. That is one of my favorite scenes in the film.

After putting in so much hard work Rajjo did not do well, how did you deal with that

Rajjo does not work it does not affect you. You understand where you are heading. You learn and move on. I worked with honesty. They had told me it would be 15 days work and I shot with them for that much. I worked hard on the dances as there were classical, mujra and folk dances. When people don’t watch such films you feel bad as your art has not been appreciated. With Krrish it was a big film, like Queen it has the backing of Vikramaditya Motwane, Anurag Kashyap and Viacom you need to keep your expectations. Rajjo didn’t have anyone’s backing.

Multistarrer or Single heroine film what gives you satisfaction

Films like Once Upon a Time and Metro you go and shoot your parts. Only when you see the film you realize how the film is but when you do Queen your work on everything around your role. In Tanu weds Manu she was a mean girl and knew how to make her way into Men’s heart and made most of her looks and charm and teased men. This girl is naive and is heartbroken and is very Indian she has no confidence. She is totally opposite.

Do you think Queen has the potential to make a star out of you

Overnight stardom can happen to someone who has started out. I have been there and done that. It can be only credible.

You are a National Award winner you just said you are not a star? Who has been the support?

A lot of people who gave me a break at many levels. A film like Queen and Krrish 3 everything adds and emotional support adds when you meet different people.

How different are women from the city and th