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Karan Johar's 'My Dear' Tweets are the Best Thing Ever!
Monday, July 3, 2017 • Hindi Comments

As some of you may know, Karan Johar is one of the biggest directors and producers in Bollywood. Apart from slaying the show-biz on a daily basis, he sometimes makes sure that he gets even with life and gives us some perspective on the little things that are always overshadowed by the stress and daily chaos of life.

While some choose to write them down in a diary, he chooses to tweet them out to his 11.2 Million followers on Twitter.

For example, He tweets about torn jeans like…

and celebrities

Just giving a little insight on the little things in life that are no longer seen as a ‘thing’, he makes sure that these little things are given the attention that they deserve.

Maybe he believes that there’s more to see than what meets the eye.

So, here are some of the most recent and fabulous tweets from Karan Johar about those little things in life that go unnoticed and often appreciating them or getting some insight out of those.

1.His dearest opinion on the on Opinion

2.His dearest opinion on Words

3.His dearest opinion on Hashtag

4.His dearest opinion on Social Media

5.His dearest opinion on Twitter Trolls

And from here, things get a little serious, as he drifts from his thoughts on social media to life and some of the bigger elements of life.

1.His thoughts on Infidelity

2.His thoughts on Nepotism

3.His thoughts on Failure

4.His thoughts on Positivity

5.His Thoughts on Delusions

Apart from being a low-key supporter of LGBTQ community and a generous human being, Karan keeps proving that at his very core, he is just like all of us. Real but overshadowed by some elements of his life… oh, and goofy too.