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'Kartha Karma Kriya' comes with a topical theme: Nagu Gavara

Friday, November 9, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Kartha Karma Kriya comes with a topical theme: Nagu Gavara

Nagu Gavara, the director of 'Kartha Karma Kriya' (released on November 8), says that the film is getting a positive response.  In this interview, he talks about the subject of 'KKK', why he thinks it's relevant, and more.  

What's the concept of the movie?

'KK' is a concept-driven entertainer.  These days, technology is making us extremely vulnerable.  Everybody is inclined to take selfies, self-record their private moments, etc.  They delete intimate pics or videos.  However, they can still be recovered by mischievous elements using advantaged technology.  'KKK' tells cinematically what happens when our privacy is breached badly, when our personal videos fall into the wrong hands.  I have used characters like a housewife, etc to narrate the story.  The suspense is not revealed until the climax.  

What is the movie's genre?

It's an investigative thriller which reveals its cards only in the end.  Three women commit suicide and why they have taken the extreme step is suspenseful.  After watching the movie, everyone will surely double check their mobiles.  After yesterday's shows, so many have called me up from different parts of the Telugu states.  We have made the film with strong content.  

From what you are saying, the film bears a close resemblance to 'Abhimanyudu'.  Isn't it?

That film deals with the subject of various cyber crimes.  What I have shown in the film is something many are prone to do.  Everybody uses cell phones.  I have told the story in my own way.  The philosophy of Karma says that what goes around comes around.  As a society, we are strong believers in the ideology of Karma.  A character says in the end that nobody is responsible for its denouement.  

How is the response so far?  

The response has been great.  Everybody is saying that the second half is better than the first.  The songs, the characterizations of the hero and heroine are something everybody is loving, so also the interval bang.  Ravi Varma's investigation, the climax, the Goa song are all working well.  I can say that I have done a meaningful movie.  Even though the lead pair is newcomers, they have done a decent job is what everyone is saying.

Why did pick up newcomers for the lead pair's roles?

The hero has to be played by a newcomer.  The character has to be highlighted and projected throughout the story.  Secondly, the entertainment quotient has to be there, otherwise it will be totally dark.  But the cop's character needed someone familiar.  Ravi Varma is known for his dialogue modulation.  So, we took him.  There is only the character, there is no hero.  Everybody is saying that the climax is refreshing.  The film doesn't generalize or stigmatize the basthi guys.  It shows how easy money shouldn't be the way of us.  We read about Engineering graduates indulging in chain-snatching to make a quick buck.  Such people do have a family.  They are not lonesome criminals.  

So, is there no romance in your movie?

There are no liplocks and romance is different in the movie.  I don't believe that only hugs mean romance.  There was scope to show the romance involving the characters of Divya, Mahalakshmi and Kalyani.  But since showing that would be ironical, given the film's theme, I didn't show.  

Why did you release the movie suddenly?

We started the shoot in mid-April.  The producer is currently doing seven other movies.  So, we did it quite fast.  Another straight film of his has completed even its RR.  So, we have chosen Diwali for 'KKK'.  There are going to be so many releases after November 16.  It was a producer's decision to release it on the 8th.  

What about your next movie?

I have narrated a story to the same producer.  He found it fine.  Nothing is finalized as yet.  I have a love story in a commercial formate.  But I have offered him a policeman's story.  It's not known yet who will be its hero.  

After 'Weekend Love', why have you taken so much time to do your second movie?

I have made 'Sanjay Ramaswamy' with Ali.  But it got stuck in the labs due to Demonetization in 2016.  I then approached a prominent actor with a film.  That project didn't come through.  So many films get shelved after they are announced.