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Kasak Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 1, 2005 • Hindi ]
Kasak Review
Lucky Ali, Meera
Rajiv Babbar
Archana Media
M M Kreem

Shocked - that's the word Pakistani import Meera uses whenever she wants to make a point on the screen! But instead poor viewers are shocked!

Shocked - because there is nothing like a story in 'Kasak'                                                     Shocked - because one wonders what excited Lucky Aki to be a part of a venture like this Shocked - because till just about a few months back, Meera was the most hyped heroine from outside India                                                                                                                   Shocked - because one fails to understand why this movie was made at all Shocked - because one wonders why director Rajiv Babbar shifted genres from his factory-line Mithun Chakraborty flicks

Amar, a poor young boy looks after his diabetes struck mom [Anjana Mumtaz] who is in coma for years. A song plays in the background while the titles roll and the boy turns into a man [Lucky Ali]. Straight out of the 70s, the narrative catches pace as Amar's mother leaves for heavenly abode and he joins a hospital as a male nurse who specializes in caring for coma-ridden patients. So far so good as things unfold at good pace with the hospital owner making him richer by one crore rupees since Amar had got even her out of coma.

Meanwhile Anjali [Meera], his fellow nurse soon expresses her love, seduces him and gets a marriage commitment from him - all before you could say 'Kasak'. In the morning after she is shown humming 'Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai' from 'Jism' and it doesn't take a viewer much time to understand that she too is going the Bips way as in 'Jism', which means running after Amar's newly acquired wealth. Thankfully director Babbar too doesn't underestimate the viewer's intelligence [at least in this part of the movie] and reveals Anjali's intentions in first 30 minutes of the movie itself.

As soon as Amar gifts her 1 crore cheque on the wedding day, Anjali makes his wedding night a nightmare. First she prefers to sleep with her cheque [pocketed in you know where] and on the next night wishes to have a 'animals night out' with Amar. Knowing quite well that a simple Amar won't agree to this demand of his, she develops a case of Amar being impotent and pronto gets a divorce from him.

Foolish Amar continues remembering and lusting after Anjali but to no avail. Things go to such an extent that she makes him enjoy one of her escapades over a phone but still Amar doesn't learn his lessons. With no convincing reasons whatsoever he still continues to love her and now wants to become a rich man so that he could snatch her away from all the other rich men! In this he is first aided by a rich'n'sad man Raunak [Mukesh Tiwari] and a 'desi' estate owner Captain [Puneet Issar],who is content with his voluptuous moll Maya [newcomer Nandini]. To add some mirch-masala to the proceedings, Maya is shown lusting for Amar [with wet dreams under a waterfall and a grape bath in a tub]. But Amar being Amar, he wants to have "respectful" views for this quarter-c

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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