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'Kathanam' is both well-written and well-executed: Anasuya

Thursday, August 8, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Anasuya Bharadwaj awaits the release of 'Kathanam' on August 9.  In this interview, the popular TV host talks about her role in the movie, why she rejected Bigg Boss, the kind of roles she wants to do, her family and more.

In a happy space

I never planned to be in the glam industry.  Many years ago, I chanced upon a newspaper ad and gave a try to be a host.  I have come a long way and my career is better than yesterday.  I never imagined that I will play a solo heroine in a movie.  I am in a happy space today.

Being a protagonist 

When I did 'Rangasthalam', I didn't have any idea that my character would be that important.  Same is the case with 'Kathanam'.  It's only while doing the promotions that it's dawning upon me that I am the sole protagonist of the thriller.  Dhanraj, Avasarala Srinivas, Ranadhir, 'Pelli' Prudhvi garu, Jyothi, Sameer and others have very interesting roles.  They all pampered me a lot.

Many films have failed because of execution.  So, the director's competence is of utmost relevance even if the script is meaty.  'Kathanam' has got both writing and execution right.

Production house matters 

After 'Rangasthalam', I listened to 12-13 scripts, none of which excited me.  'Kathanam' struck the right chord with me, also because of the production house.  When it comes to cinema, a proper release strategy is paramount.  I would get depressed if my hard work doesn't get visibility.

Premise of 'Kathanam'

There is a lot to the film than what has been shown in the Trailer.  Anu is an Assistant Director, a struggling filmmaker who wants to prove herself as a director.  When a producer okays her script, she falls into trouble.  Two murders happen exactly in the same way her script describes.  She becomes a prime suspect because of the uncanny resemblances.

Backing of family, success of 'Kshanam'

Even when I was working with a VFX company, I did get a number of big offers.  I was too young and naive at that time.  My family would say no to the film industry.  It's only after marriage that I have made it in the industry with the support of my husband.  My stint with TV has been smooth.  When 'Kshanam' came to me, I had my doubts about whether the audience would accept me.  Its success gave me the confidence to say NO to certain kind of roles and YES to others.  Television has always given me the space to be the way I want.

Doing films is satisfying the artist in me.  Money too matters because, like for everybody else, I have my EMI issues.

Hubby never cares about lies about me 

Social media is both a boon and a bane for celebs.  You have to deal with keyboard warriors.  They don't understand that they judge me with limited knowledge about me.  My family members never react to any gossips about me.  My husband and my in-laws are super-chilled.  My husband doesn't give a damn about gossips.  He runs a credit rating agency and doesn't understand Telugu much.

Politics is not easy

I happened to meet Jaganmohan Reddy garu once during my 'Sakshi' stint.  We were told the boss would turn up to motivate employees.  I had no clue that Jagan garu would be the one to meet us all. My father was an active Congressman.  I prodded him to become inactive in politics.  I never believe that politics is the only avenue to do social good.  I believe in giving back to society with no restrictions imposed.  Politics can restrict you.

I think from long-run perspective

I am always over-cautious.  These days, I am trying to be moderate.  But some things don't go away because some things come to you by birth!  I believe in long-run things.  I will think about other film assignments only after the release of 'Kathanam'.  I will be doing a key role in a film and it will be announced later this month.  Even though I worked on 'Yatra' for just three months, it fetched me a lot of recognition.

That's why no Bigg Boss

I didn't want to do Bigg Boss because I am addicted to my family.  I can't leave my family for days on end.  That very thought scares me.  I have to see my children every single day.  Even if I am not in the town, I have to do a video call with them.  I personally know a lot of contestants of the third season.

Digital entertainment is in mind

I want to wear a new cap in the digital space.  I won't reveal what is that role.  Should films like 'Kathanam' click, I will be in a position to take up that role.  I will keep you guessing about what I want to do.

Can play even a grandma

I am open to any role.  I am ready to play even a grandma's role, provided the audience talk about it after walking out of the theatre.  Age is just a number as far as I am concerned.

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