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Kaushal Army shows its power

Sunday, September 9, 2018 • Telugu Comments

On Sunday morning, the 'Kaushal Army' took to the streets to carry out a peaceful rally in Hyderabad in support of the Bigg Boss-2 contestant.  They were there to express their love for the celebrity contestant, who is winning accolades with his attitude and behaviour on the reality show.

Hundreds are estimated to have turned up at the 2km long rally.  Many were female fans, who were unequivocal in their love for Kaushal.  The Army wants the whole world to believe that its anger will know no bounds in the virtual world if Kaushal doesn't win the title in the end!

"Though I'm immensely grateful to everyone, I cannot put my feelings into words. It's a blessing to have you all love Kaushal as much as you do. From the ones who have got the idea to the ones who made it to the run, I thank everyone for loving and supporting him. Kaushal would be very happy to know the amount of love being showered on him. I thank Kaushal Army for being with him through everything. Thank you," Neelima Kaushal, Kaushal's wife, has been quoted as saying.