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Kavalan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Sunday, January 16, 2011 • Tamil ]
Kavalan Review
Eka Veera Creations
Vijay, Asin, Raj Kiran, Roja, Vadivelu
C Romesh Babu

`Kavalan' is no doubt a different Vijay film. Yet, it is no different movie for it has got nothing big to offer but for Vijay's terrific screen presence coupled with his neat performance and an emotional climax that comes with a twist.

Take away Vijay and Vadivelu (who provides relief in a few scenes), `Kavalan' could make you squirm on seats, courtesy an outdated script and age-old style of narration. A few compromises to the original version (Malayalam hit `Bodyguard') to suit the image of Vijay too fails to work big time.

In other words, `Kavalan' could be a classic example of how a potent knot could be diluted in the name of making it a `commercially viable' product. One good sign is that Vijay coming forward to be part of a project which doesn't portray him as a demigod.

Coming to the story, Bhoominathan (Vijay), a carefree youngster, is made by his father (`Nizhalgal' Ravi) to join the household of Muthuramalingam (Rajkiran), a don-turned-do gooder in a village near Madurai, as a bodyguard.

As there is a threat to the life of Muthuramalingam's daughter Meera (Asin), he asks Bhoominathan to accompany her to the college and provide security cover. As Meera feels Bhoominathan's presence as a disturbance, she plays a prank on him, despite a warning from her friend Maadhu (Mithra Kurian).

Slowly, Meera falls for the charm and good heart of Bhoominathan and all hell breaks loose when Muthuramalingam, who never allows anyone deceive him, comes to know about this. What follows is a dragging climax, which however is emotional and touching.

Vijay is the real one-man army who saves the film to a great extent. It is his charm and performance that work big time in `Kavalan'. Asin is good but her much talked about chemistry with Vijay (in `Sivakasi' and `Pokkiri') is missing.

Vadivelu as Amavasai provides comic relief on very few occasions. Mithra Kurian, Rajkiran, Roja, KK, M S Bhaskar and `Pithamagan' Mahadevan have performed well, but only have little scope as it is Vijay's show all the way.

Vidyasagar is back with `Kavalan' and his background score is good. So are a couple of songs. Cinematography by Ekambaram and editing by Gowri Shankar add value to the end product.

The script has many loopholes for there are many unanswered questions. One good example is that why `Pithamagan' Mahadevan, who challenges to kill Asin at any cost, vanishes all of a sudden.

Siddique is a director with a magic touch in Malayalam. And in Tamil too, we have enjoyed his movies, especially `Friends' with the same Vijay. However, as far as `Kavalan' is concerned, we have to conclude the review with a dialogue oft-repeated by Vadivelu in the film- `Avarey confuse aayitaaru pola irukku.'

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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