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Keerthy Suresh shares her sister's emotional message on tough situations she faced!

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 • Tamil Comments

Celebrities often face criticism and trolls in public life and social media, and it has become easy for public to troll appearance and weight without realising the struggle they go through. Now Keerthy Suresh's sister Revathy Suresh has opened up on being trolled by people around her for gaining weight.

Revathy Suresh has said that she was always compared to her sister and mother, and has opened up about her weight loss journey on social media. Keerthy Suresh who's proud of her sister's weight loss journey has shared her post happily.

Keerthy Suresh shares her sisters emotional message on tough situations she faced!Revathy Suresh posted "All my life I have been struggling with managing my weight. I was ridiculed for my weight, in constant comparison with my mother and even my sister. Therefore, never in my teenage years I felt confident about how I looked and even convinced myself that this is all I am, not as beautiful as them. I always felt like I wasn’t normal and something was indeed wrong with me. People made me believe in those things, even to a point when my husband proposed, I wondered what he actually saw in me! Even strangers whom I just meet feel it is OK to talk to me about what will and won’t work to lose weight. One lady complimented how beautiful my sister and mom were, and the moment I thanked her for her kind words, she responded “What happened to you?” I had already made peace with the Universe for the way I looked but I never was ready to be judged constantly about how I looked. I had spent several hours in front of the Mirror wondering, what was wrong with me? Why don’t I find myself beautiful? At one point, I hated myself; didn’t believe that I even deserved to be happy!! Although work and responsibility kept me busy, I never felt beautiful. My sister has always been very protective of me and would defend me from these predators. She once told me that her friends would always say that I was more beautiful than her! And I would laugh at her joke". This lovely post shared by Keerthy Suresh about her sister has turned viral.

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