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Kempirve Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 18, 2017 • Kannada ]
Kempirve Review
Dattanna, Sayaji Shinnde, Umesh Banakar, Bhasi Bhaskar
Venkat Bharadwaj

Title – Kempirve, Producer – Amrutha Film Center, Direction – Venkat Bharadwaj, Music – Kishan, cinematography – Vishwa Avathi, Cast – Dattanna, Lakshman, Umesh Banakar, Sayajirao Shinde, Bhasi Bhasker, Dr Rajakamal, Shreyas, Roopa Hegde, Sneha Kappanna, Moogu Suresh and others.


In the third feature film director Venkat Bharadwaj has shown excellence in all departments. The in depth study he has made in operating system of realtors, the usage of fake currency money in the business, the IFU entry to check the fake currency and the power of common man is very diligently handled.

Among all actors it is Lakshman, brother of Venkate Bharadwaj showcases a brilliant performance and takes the film to a higher level. Two times national award winner for supporting roles Dattanna (HG Dattatreya) has worked like what Naseeruddin Shah had done in ‘A Wednesday’. It is a top class film made with minimum budget and maximum effort.

Venkat and Lakshman from the family of veteran writer, director C V Shivashanker have done a commendable job and the blood of cinema in the two is very much strong. The siblings are in the software profession. Eking out time to make a film with national interest in topic requires some guts and intelligence. Both have delivered extremely well in this ‘Kempirve’.

Capturing the middle class sentiments and standards, realtor Naidu (Lakshman) with henchman Damu (Umesh Banakar) approach a popular middle class representative Venkatesha Murthy (Dattanna) in convincing the people of old heritage value buildings in Basavanagudi, Chamarajapete, NR Colony in Bengaluru – the office, handsome salary, high standard that comes to Venkatesha Murthy is a big change in his retired life.

One of the close friends of Venkatesh Murthy agrees for sale of his old building and the trouble starts at this point. Rs.5 crore is the rate fixed by Venkatesha Murthy but Rs.2.5 crores is fake currency given takes the life of good old friend of Venkatesh Murthy. The trouble starts from this point of time. Venkatesha Murthy uses his intelligence in getting Rs.2.5 crores to the family members of his friend. Before this happens, there were some startling revelations.

Further explanation is not required on this well made film because it would dilute the interest of audience. The dialogues in this film are of high quality. The editing is very impressive. The background score plus two background songs, cinematography enhances the quality of this film ‘Kempirve’.

Lakshman Shivashanker taking a lengthy role looks like a typical realtor. He has given a spectacular performance and never falls down in his capacity. Second in the race is Dattanna. A refined performance, a precise approach and high class caliber in this actor Dattanna makes every shot look natural. Umesh Banakar has shown great skill and his dialogue delivery could have been altered.

Finally ‘Kempirve’ – red ant bites at the right time for wrong people. You know what happens to an elephant when an ant bothers. Similar is the case in this film ‘Kempirve’.

This is a wholesome family entertainer.

Rating: 4 / 5.0

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