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'Kick' to take a super strong opening
Thursday, July 24, 2014 • Hindi Comments

Huge numbers are being thrown around when it comes to 'Kick'. 70 crore, 80 crore, 90 crore, 100 crore is being suggested when it comes to bets being placed for the opening weekend of the film. 'Real fun would begin on the day of Eid and beyond, hence keeping the weekdays super strong too' - that's another line of thought that is emerging in a major way. '200 crore is a given for the film, it is a matter of how much more does it go on to earn' - that's what quite a few optimists believe.

What no one is denying is that the film would take a tremendous opening at the box office and shatter quite a few records. The first one that it would be sighting is to surpass 150 crore record of 'Ek Tha Tiger', albeit that was achieved in 9 days. However, business has increased in last couple of years and hence one waits to see whether the number is achieved in 7 days flat for 'Kick'. The ammunition is just right, hype immense, buzz correct and packaging perfect. Most importantly, the release date has been strategically chosen as well. There couldn't have been a better set platform!

For producer turned director Sajid Nadiadwala, it is certain that he would create record as a debutant director with the biggest grosser ever, hence edging past Arbaaz Khan's record as a first time filmmaker with 'Dabangg' (155 crore). The challenge is to see what does he bring on board from this point on. After all, as a producer he has done well to bring on the perfect combination of marketing, promotion and an extensive release. While the signs are out there to suggest that 'Kick' is a stylish action thriller in the offering, it’s the final product that plays on screen which would decide how big a hit it turns out to be.

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