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'Killer' is a suspense drama for families: Vijay Antony

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Killer is a suspense drama for families: Vijay Antony 

Vijay Antony awaits the release of 'Killer' on June 7.  Starring also Arjun and Ashima Nerwal, the film has been directed by Andrew Louis.

In this interview, catch Vijay talk about the product, why it's a thrilling one, how he has grown up in the industry, why he is not producing his movies and more.

Outstanding treatment 

The director has done a fabulous job with respect to making.  The treatment is superb.  It's one thing to narrate a story and another thing to execute it.  I have watched the final content and I am totally happy with the output.

Focus on acting

This is one of the first few movies for which I have not given music direction despite me being its hero.  From now onwards, I am not going to do music direction for my movies.  I want to focus on acting.

Characters in 'Killer'

Arjun sir will be seen as a cop.  I will be seen in the titular role.  I always go by the screenplay and I did the same for 'Killer' too.  I am a serial killer in the movie and you have to watch him to know whether he is good or bad.

Arjun sir is subtle

I am glad to have got to work with a professional actor like Arjun sir.  I am not yet an actor.  I am still trying to be an actor.  To this day, I don't know what is good acting, what is bad acting.  Actors like Arjun sir are subtle and versatile.  His performance in 'Killer' will be a major asset.

A commercial outing

The film is totally commercial, a pucca entertainer that you can watch with your family.  I have given a message or two with my films in the past but this one carries no message.  I won't talk much about my role.  It's suspenseful.  You will get your answer once you watch the movie.

A distinct screenplay

If I break my silence, the thrill will go away.  I can only talk about the roles of Arjun sir and me.  While he tries to catch me, it's not that simple.  The screenplay is totally new.  If you have seen the trailer, you will know that I keep stalking a girl.

Music is a major asset

Two of the songs have turned out to be big hits.  The BGM is superb.  Simon K King is a guitarist, he knows instruments well.  I didn't involve myself with the music.  I just listened to it and gave my judgment.  I didn't do music because I wanted something new for this film.  Simon has ensured that.

Preferring new directors

New directors are safe.  They tell you the full story and since they are new, they try to put their heart and soul into the project.  Yes, a movie or two didn't do well in the past but it's all a part of the game.

Hardwork, perseverance are the key

After the success of 'Bicchagadu', I am more happy, energetic and confident.  The love of people means a lot.  I had a blind belief in myself and became a music director and an actor.  It was a wrong decision which I turned into a right decision.  Since I believe that I don't know anything, I have always been extra-careful.  That way I have turned my demerits into plus points.  Many nights, I don't sleep. I have sustained myself through hardwork.  Even editing, I learned practically.  I never had any theoretical knowledge.  I am not a professional singer either.

That's why no production

My previous 9 films as an actor were produced by me.  For this one, someone else is the producer.   I have stopped producing movies.  I can grow relationships by acting in your production.  Initially, nobody was ready to put money on me as they didn't want to take risks.  Now that the industry has faith in me, they are ready to invest.

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