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Kirathaka Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 25, 2011 • Kannada ]
Kirathaka Review
Amigo Indrajal Movies
Yash, Ovia, Thara, Nagabharana, Sanketh Kashi
Pradeep Raj
Sharavana Murthy, Shantha Kumari
V Manohar

'Kirataka' is a direct lift from Tamil film 'Kalavani' is convincing in parts. At the outset it speaks about the irresponsible youths. It lacks the social responsibility till the end of the film. In the process it crabby and looks rustic. Director Pradip Raj while bringing it to Kannada should have concentrated on the brevity aspect. The film is protracted and first half is sickening with regular stuff.

'Kirataka' alias Nandisha is a guy with lot of irresponsibility in life. He moves around with four friends and forcibly takes money from his mother. The television set in the house of Nandisha is only left out without breaking. When no money is given he has the habit of breaking the properties of his own. Out of fear his caring mother (played by Thara) gives the money. He uses it for playing cards, smoking and drinking. He is clever too but it is not used in the right way.

On return Nandisha father is very unhappy on his son's nature and quality. He brings the laptop from Dubai hoping that his son is doing computer science. All the money he has sent in the last seven years is not used in right way upset him very much. Nandisha maintains the same mentality. The love affair of Nandisha with Nethra (Oviya) is another saga. Nethra belongs to rival village. How Nandisha uses his brain in getting married to Nethra is the rest of the film.

Yash is brilliant in this rough and tough role. As a growing hero what he passes on to the youth is dangerous. Oviya looks good and it is a repetition of her role in 'Kalavani' Tamil film. Thara is best as mother. She has been very good especially in the dubbing. TS Nagabharana is irksome. He is a well known director in Kannada cinema.

V Manohar with original tunes steals the hearts of front benchers from the opening song. More than 100 village names are used for the lyrics of the song Dankanaka... two more are passable tunes. Selva cinematography is adequate.

A film for rural centers!

Score - 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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