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Kites Music Review

Kites Music Review
Filmkraft Productions (I) Pvt Ltd
Hrithik Roshan,Barbara Mori,Kangna Ranaut,Kabir BediNick Brown
Anurag Basu
Rakesh RoshanSunaina Roshan
Rajesh Roshan
Gently Flying Music
Tuesday, March 30, 2010 • Hindi Comments

The Roshans are back and their most anticipated project `Kites' directed by Anurag Basu will release this Summer, but to make sure the Kite flies high, the makers of the movie have released the audio as sooner as two months prior to release, to create that essential hype.

Rajesh Roshan, `Chacha' of Hrithik Roshan, has composed and bundled an album with an international touch to complement the movie's international version as well. Hrithik marks his debut as a singer and has pulled off a decent performance.

Rakesh Roshan is a filmmaker who gives substantial importance to all departments, and as far as the album is concerned the music and the lyrics receive utmost importance. Lyrics by Nasir Faraaz and Asif Ali Beg are significant in their own means.

A remix of the first three songs and a dance number have been included in the album. Scroll down to read more about the songs.

1. Zindagi Do Pal Ki - Listen here

Singer: Kay Kay

Lyrics: Nasir Faraaz

Kay Kay is an amazing singer, and his voice has been fully utilized in this medium paced song that includes variations of the pitches, with Kay Kay singing flawlessly from high to low. The song has a mellifluous flow with a subtle music composition that includes a fusion of Indian and western instruments with western percussions, with lyricist Nazir penning about love and the lifetime a person has.

Zindagi Do Pal Ki Remix: The remix version of the song is a faster song in terms of the tempo. With classy beat work and techno music in the back drop, Kay Kay's vocals are not disturbed and the essence of the original is maintained.

2. Dil Kyun Yeh Mera - Listen here

Singer: Kay Kay

Lyricist: Nazir Faraaz

A slow song, with the captivating voice of Kay Kay doing the magic and will surely make you fall in love with it. Soon after every stanza, electronic guitar and beats give the song that quintessential international feel. Subsequently continues with delightful rhythms attracting your attention with excellent usage of the strings. Rajesh Roshan has always given his brother Rakesh the best compositions, and this song receives your attention with its smooth run.

Dil Kyun Yeh Mera Remix: The remix of Dil Kyun. starts off with techno beats, and a rap added to the original, make it a pleasure to listen on personal stereo. Rajesh Roshan has done a great job mixing the song with some classy techno music without disturbing the vocals.

3. Tum Bhi Woh Wahi - Listen here

Singers: Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan

Lyricist: Nasir Faraaz

Starts off with a low tone of the lyrics, and slowly the pace increases with bass voices of the singers Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan, giving you a feel of a rock song, but nothing close to it. The electro-background that come behind in the middle, compliment the high-pitch vocals. The transition from the low to high tone by the singers is plainly marvelous, and the beats in between are simply incredible. The singers deservingly steal the show in this song. Must Listen!

Tum Bhi Woh Wahi Remix: The tune is the same just like the original, except for the beats. In the first place you wouldn't identify it as a remix if not for the beats. There seems to be an alteration in the tempo as well. The song is a little faster than the original.

4.  Kites in the Sky - Listen here

Singers: Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne D'Mello

Lyricist: Asif Ali Beg

An English song, that starts off with the euphonic voice of Suzanne that gives you the feeling of a song that is sung in an Opera. In comes the voice of Hrithik, who sings the song commendably, perhaps singing to convey that his beau and he are madly in love with each other, in the movie. With minimal music in the background, the lyrics by Asif are quite noticeable. Yet another slow melodious and pleasant song in the album, showing the gentle Kite fly high!

5. Fire Love is Hell - Listen here

Singers: Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh Bhola, Anushka Manchanda

Lyricist: Asif Ali Beg

That dance number we were all waiting for! Sounds like a `pubbing' number that starts off with techno beats and probably might show Hrithik's dance prowess in the movie. When the singers start singing the song, it actually gives a feeling of a Hindu ritual or a mantra, and then later the tempo increases with electro music while the singers sing `Fire' loudly and continue. No doubt, the music will make you dance unintentionally. You would probably keep humming, `Fire.Love is Hell'!

6.  Fire Love is Hell (English Version) - Listen here

Singers: Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh Bhola, Anushka Manchanda

Lyricist: Asif Ali Beg

The English version of `Fire Love is Hell', though only the Hindi lines are changed to English. The beats are the same. The inclusion of this song in this album gives it the `International touch' and probably used by the makers for the international release of the movie.

In toto, `Kites' - the album is gentle and not with too many frills. Rajesh Roshan has composed a fabulous album, whilst keeping in mind both the Indian and International audience. Focus will also be on his background score for the movie, which he would have pulled it off easily. Just like how the kite flies, this album is full of life and gentle.