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Krishna Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 6, 2007 • Kannada ]
Krishna Review
Ganesh, Pooja Gandhi, Sharmila Mandre, Sharan, Avinash,Vinayaprakash, Sudha Belawadi, Bharat Bagavathar, RGV
Ramesh Yadav

Lord Krishna has the tag of 'Kalla Krishna' - a stealer! This 'Krishna' is a `heart stealer' who sacrifices for love. Love is not just a four letter word for the protagonist. This is a love without attachment and expectation. It is beyond mother's love for him.

The fifth film of `Golden star' Ganesh is a passable family entertainer tucked with sacrifice saga. The tilt of mind of his lover makes the protagonist to show heights of affection to her and finally see her comfortable with her family is a pick from the Tamil film 'Unnein Neneaithan' starring Soorya and Laila.

The first half of the film is a talk show what Ganesh carries in 'Udaya' satellite channel with no good entertainment in it. The second half is too lengthy and also loaded with all the developments the audiences are looking forward.

Krishna (Ganesh) is a chatter box. Even his friend Rama (Sharan) is also like that. Both are working in 'R Music' a chat show of the satellite television channel. He is widely appreciated and is darling of masses. He has a secret lover who always pesters him via telephone. That is nothing but Preethi (Pooja Gandhi) the house owner's daughter where Krishna is staying.

One fine day the love explodes from Preethi in a meeting on a rainy night. Then open the flash back the sorrow side of the life of Krishna. Krishna is admired by Anjali (Sharmila Mandre) hailing from poor family. Anjali has a physically handicap sister, father without job and there is utter poverty in this family. Anjali is a bright student who wants to take up MBBS.

Krishna from his earnings of Rs.3500 bails out the basic needs of this family and is almost certain that he would marry Anjali once the things come to right order. In a short absence of Krishna the old friend of Anjali's father comes to this house and puts a meaty a proposal for the entire family. He wants Anjali to complete her further studies and take the family to city to give good care for them and provide a job to Anjali's father.

This proposal for all the family members well being appears to be good for Anjali and she give the nod. But very soon the family members of Anjali come to know that they are trapped. Krishna comes to rescue again and comforts Anjali's family. He even sells two acres of his land in his hometown where his mother's 'Samadhi' is situated. Anjali completes MBBS and express her wish to marry Krishna. At this time Krishna is aware that Preethi also loves him. What decision he takes is at the last reel of the film, this increases the aspect of the film.

This is a well made role for Ganesh. He has the space for quick dialogue delivery and right element of emotions, action and romance. For Sharmila this role does not suit. The traditional costume is poles apart from her debut film 'Sajani'. Sharmila has improved in showing emotions. Pooja Gandhi is impressive. Sharan takes the major honors after Ganesh in this film. Avinash, Vinayaprakash, Sudha Belawadi are apt for their charecters.

Only two songs of Harikrishna are melodious. For the rest of the songs the musical instruments disturbs the lyrics. Shekar Chandra has worked hard in this film to give pleasant view through his cinematography.

This is a passable film.

Scoring 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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