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Kudirithe Kappu coffee Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, February 25, 2011 • Telugu ]
Kudirithe Kappu coffee Review
Shiva Production & Moon Water Pictures
Varun Sandesh, Suma Battacharya and others
Ramana Selva
Mahi & Shiva

Despite not being in box office form, Varun Sandesh continues to sign films and how.Kudirithey Kappu Coffee had good buzz right from its audio launch.With mint fresh visuals shot in Coorg, creative poster design and music worth a replay value, KKC was awaited. We watched it today as it released across the state.Here is what we think of the film.


Hero is against love, heroine falls in love with him. But he is stubborn and thinks love is a trash. Finally, he accepts her love and live happily thereafter. Didn't we watch it in hundred films before?This movie has the same story capsuled neatly with stunning locations of Coorg which is the only USP of the film.

Venu(Varun Sandesh) , son of Giridhar(Bhemineni Srinivasa Rao) hates love after his dear friend Ravi commits suicide due to love failure.Lasya(Suma) on the other hand is a student of hotel management who has a granny Malati, at Dakshinagiri hil lstation in AP border. Lasya's dream is to make her granny's coffee shoppe into a resort. Incidentally, Giridhar is a student of Malati.Giridhar has a coffee shoppe in Dakshinagiri in which Malati lives in .She is under the impression that it belonged to her son. Once she realises it is not her property but Giridhar's, she decides to give it back to him. But she also has to repay the love of Mohan(Tanikella Bharani) who operates Decent Lodge in Dakshinagiri.In such conditions, Giridhar sends Venu to take care of Malati and the coffee shoppe.Venu turns the coffee shoppe into a wedding venue and offers tourism packages to corporates but never reveals his identity. The rest of the story is about the conflict between Lasya and Venu, the property confusion, Mohan's plans and whether Venu and Lasya fall in love.


Varun Sandesh looks supercute in his clean shaven avatar. He seems to have hit the gym big time and shows off his bisecps where ever he could in this film. His performance was apt for his role. Suma Bhattacharya is adorable but her attire and make up are terrible. She is beautiful but wasn't presented like one in this film. Her action was fine but at many places had no connect between her facial expressions and the dubbing. She looks over the top in scenes where she is talking over the phone. Tanikella Bharani has a short role which he essayed with his trademark perfection. Bhimineni has a good future as prospective charecter artiste for dad roles. The others are ignorable and leave no impression.

Clap worthy aspects

Locations in Coorg is the real hero of this film and music by Yogeswara Sharma is the heroine. The songs 'Edo Edo', 'Srikaram Kaduthunattu' are worth buying the audio CD. The cinematography by Santosh Rai is outstanding. His technical brilliance compliments the eye feast locations. The lyrics of the songs penned by Sirivennela are soaked in rich Telugu literature. The introduction of the heroine is creative and the animated versions of her thoughts tucked in the scenes is a novel idea.

Cringe worthy aspects

The screenplay is very weak and makes it tough to sit through the film. There is a lot of silence in the scenes which makes audience yawn and take a quick nap. There is not even background score at neccessary scenes to keep the viewers awake. The heroine is natural but her costumes could have been better. The dialogues are very boring and are a passe. The story is perhaps as old as Dakshinagiri hills(i.e, if they exist) Actors who played the roles of the friends are a turn off. Their expressions fell flat and couldn't carry the emotions of their dialogues.


This movie is a musical and visual splendour with a story that is now a heritage.At best, KKC merits for a one time watch.

released date: 25th Feb 2011

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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