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Kuttrapathirikai Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 26, 2007 • Tamil ]
Kuttrapathirikai Review
Ramki, Rahman, Roja, Ramyakrishnan, Vijayakumar, M N Nambiar
R K Selvamani
Ravi Yadav

R K Selvamani started Kuttrapathirikai when the story and script had a contextual relevance. It is one of those attempts where a tale of human relationship is woven around a real-life and high-profile assassination.

As it happened, the politics behind the murder of a Prime Minister, which is a pivot of the story.

When you watch the film your heart goes out for Selvamani as you realize that the film had been held up for no valid reason. There is nothing offensive or disturbing both in terms of content as well as in its delivery for the film to have faced such problems. There is nothing in the film which supports the LTTE or shows the Tamil Nadu Congressmen in any unfavorable light. The misgivings on that score are misplaced.

The15-year gap, however, has affected the film as the style and substance over that period of time has indeed changed. You cannot fault the director. He has been very honest in his script and story. Had it been released in time, the film would have been a big hit. You certainly feel that life has been a touch unkind to Selvamani.

Kutrapathrigai is a smart masala movie which adroitly combines the killing of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi around the lives of two honest and efficient policemen. In fact, Selvamani has worked hard on the script to get that veneer of reality. The high-voltage intrigue of the assassination combined with domestic drama in the cops' life makes for good viewing. Rajiv Gandhi, Sivarasan, Dhanu, policeman Karthikeyan all gets close-to-reality treatment in the movie.

The story is centered on Ramakrishnan (Ramki) and Arun (Rahman). The two buddies are ACPs. They fall in love with Divya (Ramyakrishnan) and Geeta (Roja) respectively.They also gets married. But Arun and Geetha develop some misunderstanding and their marriage is on the rocks.

Elsewhere, Tamil Nadu is in tumult as Rajiv Gandhi (played by Anupam Kher) is bumped off by the LTTE. There is all round problems. Arun who is part of the security team of the ex-PM is suspended. Karthikeyan (played by Vijaykumar) is appointed to set out behind the criminals. Ramakrishnan and Karthikeyan track down the criminals (Sivarasan is played by Mansoor Ali Khan) in Bangalore and they are eventually pinned down. The whole story, credit to Selvamani, is interesting as you get to history unspool before your eyes.

This is an interesting attempt to thread reality and some wonderful domestic drama. The style of the narration and the camera angles are slightly dated. But you cannot hold the director responsible for that.

The acting is very workman-like and is very efficient. Both Ramki and Rahman give a good account of them while Ramya and Roja provide efficient support.Vijayakumar, Anupham Kher, both thorough professionals, work their parts well.

Selvamani had tried something novel ---- to weave a real life incident around some fictional moments. This is a rarity in Tamil cinema. Alas, his honesty and efficiency is hamstrung by external factors over which he had no control.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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