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'Ladies Not Allowed': Is this $ex horror or perverted horror?

Monday, February 11, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Ladies Not Allowed: Is this $ex horror or perverted horror?

She is a handjob-obsessed ghost.  Clad in a synthetic dress, the apparition haunts a flat.  Two guys and a girl enter it to spend holidays, only to realize that the sexually-frustrated dead woman is going to scare the daylights out of them, one after one.  A watchman, too, comes to suffer severe consequences.  

Director Sairaam Dasari has "conceptualized" the horror film titled 'Ladies Not Allowed'.  Although it's being touted as an original movie, it seems to be an unofficial remake of 'Handjob Cabin', a 2015 English-language movie.  

At one level, 'Ladies Not Allowed' comes across as perverted.  What the ghost does to the victims is not hilarious; it's nothing but sexual harassment.  And it should have been portrayed with sensitivity.  We hardly see any fear on the faces of the victims. So, is the idea here to make the audience laugh?  In the 'Handjob Cabin' trailer, terror is writ large on the faces of the victims.  

When the ghost threatens to masturbate for the female character with a pole and the victim puts up a mocking expression, the teaser becomes too much to take.  Rape can't be humorous.  

Music is by Prajwal Krish.  Cinematography is by Tharun Karamthoth.  Editing is by KR Swamy.  

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