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Lee Music Review

Lee Music Review
Sibiraj, Nila, Prakash Raj
Prabhu Solomon
Master of mix
IndiaGlitz [Monday, February 12, 2007 • தமிழ்] Comments

Imman is perhaps the modern-day Deva, in the sense that he is kind of comfortable in mixing and matching the flavours. He is proving to be a good bet for all the mass entertainers wherein all kinds of sounds are needed to target the front-benchers.

Imman has also used plenty of common sense in his choice of singers and instruments. In Lee too, he has come up with some interesting interludes even while keeping in mind the need of the hour - mass songs.

Lee is a typical entertainer and the music matches that.

Ada Naan Orumadhirida (Sayonara Phillip)

The starting two words indicate clearly the song's genre. It is filled with brio and bawdy lyrics. Sayonara Phillip, whose voice can be described as by the omnibus description interesting, lets it rip and rock. She belts out with all her energy and enthusiasm. Imman also uses the instruments with a no-holds-barred easiness. The beats are infectious and make you snap your fingers involuntarily and jive.

Jelina O Jelina (Kay Kay, Shalini Singh)

Kay Kay's voice is often laden with a quaint timbre. He has also worked on it very well and now the vocals are ready for any kind of rigour. Here, he, in the company of Shalini, goes for the jugular. A very energy-filled and enterprising song. Though there is little imagination in the use of instruments, the singers compensate with their verve and vitality. Again, the intent is to make it work on the screen with lusty rhythms.

Rock N Roll Thandora Thondakari (Bhargavi)

Again a quintessential Imman number where all instruments come blaring at you. The orchestration, though over the top at places, perks you up. Bhargavi indeed seems a Thandora Thondakari. In that sense, she measures up pretty adequately.

Oru Kalavani Payalai Naan Kadhal (Naresh Iyer, Madhushree)

Imman goes easy on the rhythms after what preceded before. Naresh Iyer, the young man who is proving to be very adept at such soft numbers, is in good form. Madhushree, reflecting her name, has a natural sweetness in her voice. The song is filled with right feel and moves up on you like a cool breeze on a Sunday morning. Very comforting and filling.

Yaaru Yaaru Netru Saathichathu (Khailash Kher)

Khailash Kher, who was recently described as the original regional voice in India now by A R Rehman, gets a clarion song. The song expounds abound triumphs amidst tribulations. It talks about the will to succeed. Though his pronunciation is a bit iffy, Kher's voice appeals to your heart as he is able to convey the mood and the mind of the moment.

Imman has played by his book.