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Liam Payne and Zedd's 'Get Low' is here and
Friday, July 7, 2017 • Hindi Comments

Liam Payne chose the road that was quite different than what everyone thought he would, being the unpredictable lad that he is, he dropped his first single Strip That Down, which ended up being an average pop-song that would play at clubs, but nevertheless, it was quite groovy, but something that this music era is bored of.

Now, he dropped his latest and most anticipated single, Get Low with Zedd.

Zedd is a music producer and a DJ and now he has scored to the top 10 Billboard hit for 2017 with his single with Alessia Cara Stay. He’s gearing up to perform on the good Morning America’ Summer Concert Series along with Cara and other guests on the 21st of July. He’s all set to tour again from 29th September in Canada.

As for Liam, post his One Direction years, he has been quite struggling with finding his niche as he is still in the experimental zone with EDM and pop genres.

The response to this song is pretty good with people commenting good things, however, this song sounds like something you’ve heard before but with a newer and a fresher feel.

Zedd made a statement saying “Liam gave the song a lot of soul and really influenced the song a lot” and maybe that’s why it doesn’t sound a lot like Zedd himself.

If you’re a hard-core fan of Liam Payne, this song will entice you but if you have even a minute knowledge of EDM and how it blends with pop culture, Get Low is definitely not your cup of tea.

The song is still going to sell because of the iconic Liam Payne from One Direction brand but soon that brand will exhaust its fan-base and Liam might end up having an existential crisis in the music industry.

Hopefully, he can change things around as it is not too late and he still has a long way to go. He is talented and his vocals are something that one would fell in love with, if he uses those two resources properly, then there’s no stopping him.

Collaboration is neither a joke nor a game. It’s a perfect blend of two different elements which are there in this single. Zedd’s music blended well with Liam’s vocals, it’s just the tune that was too used-up and not so original.

Here’s the official video of the song Get Low by Liam Payne, Feat. Zedd.

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