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Watch: Endearing video of chimp reuniting with its human parents

Monday, July 9, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Since time immemorial, humans and animals have shared a unique bond of companionship and love. We see a lot of people devoted to taking care of animals and pets which fill them with joy. One such couple, Tania and Jorge Sanchez helped raise a chimp called Limbani which was affected with pneumonia and their reunion video is the most endearing thing you’ll see today.

Limbani was rejected by its mother and is now 22 months old, housed in Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami. Before moving in to Zoological Wildlife Foundation, it was Tania and Jorge who took care of Limbani, taking him to doctor’s, giving him nebulizer twice a day etc. So no wonder the animal got bonded to each other.

Here’s the video down below how Limabni reacts to its human parents. . .