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'Lisaa' is a non-cliched 3D horror flick: Anjali

Monday, May 20, 2019 • Hindi Comments

Lisaa is a non-cliched 3D horror flick: Anjali

Anjali awaits the release of 'Lisaa', which is touted to be the first 3D horror flick in Telugu.  Before the film's release on May 24, the actress talks about what makes 'Lisaa' a special outing, doing horror movies, break-up in love affair and more.  

How was it working on the 3D horror format?

I have played the title role in 'Lisaa'.  Horror is an interesting genre and we shot it entirely in 3D.  The film, therefore, has a different kind of quality.  2D and 3D are totally different.  Technically, it was a learning experience.  We hired a crew of 15 members from Mumbai to handle the 3D camera.  No scene would be over without them okaying it.  If they are not satisfied, the actors have to go for retakes without an alternative.  

How is 'Lisaa' a different kind of horror movie?

I go by the story and my character in 'Lisaa' is both strong and bold.  The film doesn't have cliched moments barring a few exceptions.  White saree, etc were avoided.  At the same time, the film fits the prevalent trend.  Some back stories, etc have to be there in every horror flick.  And a few elements had to be added to suit the 3D format.  Overall, it has a fresh feel.  

I always like horrors and thrillers.  I am scared of 3D horror flicks in general.  But I ended up doing this film.  My mother was joking a while ago saying how I expect others to watch 3D horror when I am scared of 3D horror flicks myself.  (Laughs).

You are focusing more on Tamil these days.  Isn't it?

I am working in both Tamil and Telugu.  For example, I had to shoot for 'Chitrangada' for 40-50 days continuously.  And, at that time, I faced the question as to why I was not focusing on Tamil.  'Lisaa' needed a lot of my dates because it's a heroine-centric movie.  Since it's a bilingual, I didn't have to miss either of the languages.  I don't have any bias in favour of or against Telugu or Tamil.  I give my best to whichever film I do.  A lot of new-gen movies are being made in Telugu.  

After doing hits like 'Journey' and 'Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu', you have been doing a lot of horror films.  Why so?

I am open to doing flicks like 'SVSC'.  I pick up those stories which interest me and among those that come to me.  I never said that I will be doing only horror movies.  

What kind of movies do you watch the most?

I watch a lot of movies.  I watch them back-to-back, especially thrillers.  I go for light-hearted stories when I am bored of thrillers and horrors.  I gym for 2-3 hours every day.  

Do you believe there are ghosts?

I believe there is a power behind us and that is God.  As for ghosts, it's up to what we believe.  If I believe there are ghosts, I would be scared to sit in a dark place.  

When is 'Geethanjali-2' happening? Is it true that you are going to turn a producer?

'Geethanjali-2' will begin once 'Silent' is done with.  Since the same banner is producing these movies, they can't be made simultaneously.  There is no truth in the rumour that I am going to turn a producer.  I love my character in 'Silent' and that's the only reason I am doing it.  It's a huge star cast, like Anushka, Madhavan and Hollywood actors are there.  You will see a new Anjali in 'Silent'.  

Do you see stiff competition in the industry?

I am friends with everyone in the industry.  I don't see anyone as a competitor.  I don't believe in fighting.  If someone else suits a role, it will go to her.  The makers of 'Lisaa' felt I should do it and so it came to me.  That's how I see it.  I have acted in the films starring the likes of Samantha, Shruti, etc.

What do you have to say about your break-up with an actor?

I never was in a relationship.  So, the question of breaking up with someone will not arise.  We post a lot of photos on social media.  It's because we are friends.  It doesn't necessarily mean we are in a relationship.  

Do you have marriage plans?

I am quite busy and as of now, I have no marriage plans.  

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