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LOL! Farmers' group wants government to spend Rs 17 lakh crore on MSP

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 • Tamil Comments

Bhartiya Kisan Union, one of the farmers' groups protesting against the agri reforms heralded by the Modi government, has placed a shockingly bizarre demand. Echoing the demands of several other groups, it said that the government must guarantee the procurement of 23 crops at the announced Minimum Support Price ever year.

Recently, Amit Shah told the farmers that it's not possible for the government to do such a thing, as it would cost upwards of Rs 17 lakh crore per annum. In fact, this is just by conservative estimates. The actual outgo will much higher in the later years if implemented. Given that inflation will be on the loose in such a scenario, the Centre will end up spending more than Rs 150 lakh crore in just five years. No sane person should be making such a demand.

But then, some of the farmers' groups have become insane with their demands. They are complaining that their silly demands are not being accepted by the government.

Commenting on the issue, Dhaval Patel, a columnist, said, "The Union Government's total annual expenditure for 2020-21 is Rs. 30.42 lakh crores and protestors want the Government to purchase food and crops at MSP worth Rs. 17 lakh crore. Is there any sense of proportion left in them?"

A social media user suggested that Amit Shah must come out and tell the country how much tax rates will need to be imposed on the middle-class and the rich in order to fulfil the maximalist demands of the farmers. "Only then will people understand how much the farmers are wrong," he added.

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