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Lucia Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, September 7, 2013 • Kannada ]
Lucia Review
Neenasam Satish, Shruthi Hariharan, Hardhika Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Sanjay, Krishna, Rishab, Balaji Manohar, Aryan, Poornachandra, Prashanth, Bharath, Mahadev, Vasudha, Pawan Kumar, Prasad, Arasu, Narayan Bhat, Gaurish, Mahesh, Satish and others are in the cast.
Pawan Kumar
Audience film and Home Talkies
Poonachandra Tejaswi


Director Pawan Kumar is no doubt intelligent in his work. In his second film he has gone far beyond his first film `Lifu Ishtene' and puts the audience in confusion.

It is a hard knot for audience. In fact audiences are like piano. You have to know what keys to play. Pawan Kumar seems to be following the quotation of British Rock star Ian Hunter `Punish the audience - they love it'. Applause is a receipt at the cost of audience Bill. One should know how to get receipt.

In the dream and reality as core points with `Lucia' tablet, it is possible to see dream very close in life. He puts up with good cinematography and lovely music. A cinema should not be an examination for audience. They are not students. They have come for entertainment. Testing the patience should not happen. Instead of straightforward narration he has adopted strenuous one.

The first `Crowd Funded' cinema `Lucia' is of course crowded in confusing screenplay. Whether the audiences are watching the reality or dream that too with three main characters is a hard nut to crack. In addition to it the `Lucia' tablets discovery and its impact climbing the task further.

Nikki is a star and he has fascination for Shwetha. Nikki wants to get back to the ordinary person life and he dreams consuming the tabled `Lucia' evolved. The salient feature of `Lucia' tablet is that it gets very near to the reality in your dream.

So a star is in the status of a `Dream Chaser'. In the dream he is a `Torch Man' in the theatre. He is not a torch bearer. He is in love with his job and also with an employee Shwetha. In real and dream - Nikki, Shwetha and father character are same. In ordinary life of torch man Nikki is a village guy not educated. His love is pure for Nikki. The understanding of the two takes lot of time. Finally Nikki and Shwetha are in love. In the process of this we also get the real life of Nikki a star and Shwetha an aspirant to stardom.

Ninasam Satish as torch man earns applause and it is difficult to accept him as super star. Sruthi Hariharan has tremendous potentiality and she has all chances of a long stay in limelight. Achyuth Kumar is very cool in his performance as father and projector operator.

Poornachandra Tejaswi for his selection of songs with local talents has given a jerk for the existing popular music directors. Tinbedkammi...Yaako Baralilla.Nee Maayeyolago..are top songs to give relief from the stress master Pawan Kumar work.

For students of cinema this is a precise cinema. They can know how to put audience in confusion and also correct themselves with a neat and tidy screenplay.

On the whole `Lucia' is a big disappointment. Worry now is for people who contributed for this film. It is a film with 1350 people money.

Good luck next time Pawan Kumar and team.

Score - 5/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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