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Lucky Kabootar Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, December 13, 2013 • Hindi ]
Lucky Kabootar Review
Dhananjay Films Pvt. Ltd., Inderjit Film Combines, Jai Viratra Entertainment Ltd
Ravi Kissen, Eijaz Khan, Kulraj Randhawa, Shraddha Das, Sanjay Mishra,Madhavi Sharma
Shammi Chhabra
Karan Raj Kanwar

This one is an utterly trite attempt at comedy and it's definitely not pleasant in the least.  `Lucky Kabootar' is definitely targeted at those who get a rise out of risque' behavior and shabby, insensitive attempts at humor. The film appears to be driven by a romantic-comedy plot-line but neither the romance nor the comedy is justified well enough to be classified as such.

Lucky(Eijaz Khan) is a down on his luck salesman, selling tractors and he is married to Lakshmi (Kulraj Randhawa) -a woman who he makes no bones of being disgusted by.

Kammo(Shradha Das), the local goon(Ravi Kissen)'s sister is the love of his life. Lucky goes to the extent of visiting a resident Baba, Sexy Das(Sanjay Mishra) who looks like a cross between Satya Sai Baba and Rajneesh , to win Kammo's heart. Sexy Das performs obscene acts, talks in double entendre and has a complement of female disciples pandering to his every whim(sexual and otherwise). The Baba's most favored disciples are called Hard drive and Pen drive. The intention behind that is quite obvious(hic). Thanks to Sanjay Mishra's tongue-in-cheek performance and his attempt to lend his character perennial villain Jeevan's style in terms of dialogue delivery, there are at least a few moments of levity. 

Unfortunately, the scripting lacks direction.  It appears as though a certain formula was decided upon first before the plot was given any shape. So the form and content here are distinctly unsavory and lascivious.

A married man's unfulfilled desire for a woman other than his wife is not a plot that is new to Hindi cinema so there is nothing distinctive here other than the sexual innuendos and bad sex jokes that litter the dialogues and make them sound tasteless and crass.

The turn of events that allows for Lucky to lose his wife, win a windfall and also get Kammo in the bargain, is orchestrated so amateurishly that it looks and sounds absolutely weird. To top it there are sequences of `shradh/ death rites' being conducted to keep up appearances, while the object of the `shradh' is alive and watching the proceedings.

Obviously, the title refers to Lucky's sudden wealth and the fact that before the windfall  he was a diffident and foolish young man who had no value for the wealth ( his wife, aptly named Lakshmi)he already possessed. Kulraj Randhawa appears to have lost the plot after a successful debut with `Yamla Pagla Deewana.' Despite her pleasant , though unaffecting performance, she is unlikely to win any fans with this severely deluded outing.

Crude sequences masquerading as semi-eroticism make the goings-on quite cringe inducing. There's also a botched-up attempt to portray a gay Punjabi as hirsute and effeminate- the contrast looking absolutely outlandish and quite simply, unlikely. To top it, he is called Pussy. Then there is this lady politician who doesn't think twice before mispronouncing standard hindi words and making them sound like deliberate sexual innuendos. There's also this woman who is so wildly in love with the goon that she drenches herself in milk at every opportunity while the camera goes slow-mo on her obvious assets,  just so that she can draw his attention to her. Such obscene references are definitely disrespectful to the character types and make the entire wildly careering narration look totally outlandish.

Don't risk your peace of mind on this one!

Rating: *

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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