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Maalik Ek Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, October 30, 2010 • Hindi ]
Maalik Ek Review
Om The Mantra
Jackie Shroff, Divya Dutta, hakti Kapoor, Sudesh Berry, Parikshat Sahni
Deepak Balraj Vij
Kishori Shahane
Anup Jalota

Once the opening credits start rolling, you know there and then that it would be an amateur attempt at best. Agreed that the makers have made a declaration at the very start of the film that 'Maalik Ek' is aimed at spreading the message of 'Sai Baba' and his teachings. However, the way all of this is communicated is plain and simple boring with not even five minutes in entirety managing to hold viewer's attention.

The film's is narrated through Divya Dutta and Smriti Irani who literally talk to the camera as they remember the glory, fame and 'chamtkar' of Sai Baba (played by Jackie Shroff). How he found solace in Shirdi and earned a growth in admirers is detailed in the first half of the film. For the non-believers, there is absolutely nothing to hold one's attention. On the other hand for believers too, the film is a setback of sorts since the narrative is neither gripping not does it carry any moments that are interesting enough to make one nod in appreciation.

In the second half of the film, Jackie Shroff more or less disappears. By this time around, the glory of Sai Baba is well established and there are half a dozen standalone episodes that come one after another that only have a passing reference to Sai Baba. This is where the film totally looses whatever interest level that it had managed to gain for itself due to presence of Jackie Shroff who does a decent job in playing the character.

The entire episode of a villager going to Mumbai in order to study law and the episode that follows on his return is stretched unnecessarily. In fact it only appears to be set totally in 50s where 'laalchi zamindar' used to grab the lands of the poor, eye their women and torment the ones who opposed them. Not just that, there is also a dance sequence involving a 'kothe waali', a villain being shown a 'sheesha' for self reflection a la 'Delhi 6' and an evil non-believer (Shakti Kapoor) thrown in who is suddenly designated as a 'Raavan' or other negative forces that balance the world of goodness.

'Maalik Ek' is not just a boring film; it is also a very poor looking film. In fact so much so one can't believe that it has been made in year 2010. Frankly speaking, the film seems to have been made during the 60s or at best 70s and that too by a bunch of people who were perhaps starting new. No wonder, 'Maalik Ek' seems to be a totally rushed up affair where zilch effort seems to have gone into making it even reasonably visually appealing.

So what we get to see are blurred scenes not just one or two points in the film but for at least half a dozen times. Even the sound quality oscillates between average to below average. As for the set design and other logistics, 'Maalik Ek' looks worse than a Doordarshan serial, and that too from the 80s. This is why the earlier argument around 'Maalik Ek' being the most poor looking film that one has seen in a long long time.

Rating: *1/2

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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