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Maanga Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, September 14, 2015 • Tamil ]
Maanga Review
Premji, Harsha, Thambiramayya
R.S. Raja
PCK Sakthivel

With Suriya starrer ‘Massu Engira Masilamani’ directed by his brother Venkat Prabhu, Premji Amaren proved he is capable of doing more serious roles than his regular comic supporting characters. In ‘Maanga’, his first film as a solo lead hero offers scope for comedy and serious acting with the two distinct characters he plays.

Shiva (Premji) is an amateur scientist aiming to send a rocket to cement the hole in the ozone layer. But his crazy attempts bring so many problems to his family members as well as neighbors. His school friend cum neighbor Jothila (Advaitha) is smitten by Shiva’s innocence and is ready to marry him. But on their marriage day a big problem occurs due to Shiva’s rocket invention attempt and that makes everyone abandon him.

Shiva on his way to commit suicide comes to know about a bungalow where 49 people have died mysteriously. He goes to that place, risking his life to see whether he can continue his research over there. His experiences in the Bungalow forms the rest of the film.

Debutante director R.S. Raja has tried to present ‘Maanga’ as a film with loads of fun and horror elements though the film cannot be fixed under the ‘Horror-comedy’ genre. The film also apparently aims to be considered as a science fiction but everything related to the scientific invention of the lead character is presented in a funny way. So one could not be clear whether the intention of such scenes was dealing with science or making us laugh.

The first part is entirely filled with mindless comedy sequences, including double meaning dialogues and one has no clue of where things are heading to. The second half has the comedy intact with horror and sentiment elements added up.

The comedy portions manage to tickle our funny bones here and there, but they are replete with double meaning dialogues justifying the ‘A’ certificate for the film. The ‘Iyer’ episode can be defined as complete crass and it could have been done away with as it does not have anything to do with the main story.

The horror sequences of the film that starts in the second half also seem to be intended to make us laugh and the intention succeeds in most parts. The sentiment part, especially the flashback sequence shot in black and white tone has really worked out well and it is this aspect that leverages the film to a different level from a comedy no-brainer.

Acting in the character of a comic scientist was a cakewalk for Premji while the same actor has done a fantastic job in the role of a person belonging to the 1950s. He and the other heroine Leema have uttered chaste Tamizh dialogues impeccably and that comes as a surprise. Advaitha as the lover of Shiva looks cute passes muster in performance. Vengal Rao, who is seen as Vadivelu’s side kick in, many films, essays a rather lengthy role and he has used the opportunity to prove his acting prowess. Rekha as Shiva’s mother for the first time essays a role with scope for humor and the experienced actress has carried it neatly. T.P. Gajendran and Ilavarasu are convincing in their respective roles.

Premji has worked hard to uplift, the film with his music also. His introduction song ‘Genius’ is foot tapping while the songs that come in the second half have been composed in the style of 1950s and most of them are pleasant to listen. But the number of songs make it redundant. Re-recording is apt.

The predominant aim of the film seems to fun and fun only but making fun is also a serious business. But the makers of this film seem to have taken it for granted.

Nevertheless,’Maanga’ is a passable entertainer.

Rating: 2.25 / 5.0

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