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Village women's birth organs removed by contractor - Shocking reason

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Half the women in a village called Vanjaravadi in Maharashtra have been found without wombs and have lost their ability to have children.  It has come to light that most of the men and women are sugarcane cutters and work is usually given at the fields for a husband and wife team with a wage of 250 rupees per tonne.

During the periods time, it is difficult for women to work and they lose their jobs amidst high competition.  The solution that the sugarcane farm contractors have come up is to remove the wombs of the women so that the menstrual periods will stop.  Even girls under the age of twenty-five go through surgeries to remove their wombs for which the expenses are paid by the contractors and is deducted from their wages.

The women of Vanjaravadi go fo the surgeries willingly so that they can work hard for the season of four months and with that money have to survive the entire year.  Social activists are concerned that removing the womb causes hormonal imbalances in women and also causes them to become obese.

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