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Mahasharana Haralayya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, January 11, 2014 • Kannada ]
Mahasharana Haralayya Review
Bhagyodaya Cine Creations
Ramesh Aravind, Sridhar, Ramakrishna, Ramesh Bhat, Rajavardhan Dingri, Vikram Udayakumar, Jayalakshmi, Sheela, Sumithra and others.
A Devaraj
Jimmy Raj


The 12th century life sketch of cobbler community Haralayya - a period of social reformer Sri Basavanna is a very relevant film to this day. Things have not changed from 12th century to 21st century. It was famous Vachanakara and philosopher Sri Basavanna who fought for equality and his vision is not yet put into practice in our society. The combination of Sri Basavanna and Haralayya - a minister in Bijjala Kingdom and ordinary cobbler respectively is touching element of this film.

There is no shortfall in this film Mahasharana Haralayya for a family audience. It is only director BA Purushottam who is not fast in narrating the script major grouse of 156 minutes film. The artists of this film especially Ramesh Aravind as Basavanna and Sridhar as Haralayya make you feel comfortable and think on our living in the society.

Instead of going to the parent's tale of Haralayya director Purushottam come straight to the topic with background narration of birth and childhood of Halayya. This is what he applies to give a finish to the characters of the film in the end.

Haralayya from backward class is an ardent follower of Basavanna for his philosophical approach. When Basavanna adopts Haralayya to the forward community from Shiva Dikshe, Haralayya maintains his profession with the family. The major turn for the film comes when Haralayya utters `Sharanu' (Namasthe) to Basavanna. In turn Basavanna the great human being and minister in the court of Bijjala says `Sharanu Sharanarthi' for Haralayya.

The respect doubled for Haralayya is what worries him deeply. He decides to return the shower of respect by preparing footwear with thigh skin. Haralayya chops his right thigh skin while his wife Kanaka gives left side of her thigh skin for footwear so that it is soft for wearing for Basavanna.

Instead of wearing it Basavanna keeps this footwear on his head because Haralayya and his wife are staunch `Shiva Devotees'. It becomes injustice rules Basavanna. Basavanna returns the footwear to Haralayya. On the way back this footwear attracts Madhuvarasa of Bijjala Kingdom. What happens after this and the revolution call given by Basavanna, his ouster from the kingdom and other developments unfolds to a tragic end.

No one else other than Sridhar can take up the role of Haralayya. In emotions he is `King'. The role of Basavanna suits very well for Ramesh Araivnd. In the dialogue delivery Ramesh Aravind has taken extra care. The role of Madhuvarasa is another major trump card of this film.

Rajavardhana Dingri as Sheelavantha is quite convincing. Ramakrishna as Bijjala king is quite OK. Ramesh Bhat as Manchanna steals the show for his cunningness.

This is a film gives work for the brain and comfort the heart with lovely `Vachanas' and songs adjusted to the situations. Jimmi Raj has done commendable job in music. There is no flaw in Gauri Venkatesh cinematography.

This is a film the younger generation should watch and know the treasure of ancient days and excellence in thought of our predecessors.

Worth watching!

Score - 7/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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