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'Mahesh Is Handsome 360 Degrees'
Friday, December 20, 2013 • Telugu Comments

The movie has started setting the records ablaze right from the moment it was announced. For the best part of its production, it created the record for being the costliest film of Telugu industry. Then came the trade record when it was bought for a whopping sum of money by Eros for worldwide distribution, huge audio rights by Lahari music and offers for satellite telecast too.

‘1-Nenokakdine’ marks the union of several big combinations for the first time. Mahesh – Sukumar, Mahesh - Devi Sri Prasad, Mahesh - Ratnavelu etc. Making their screen debuts are Gautham and the leading lady Kriti Sanon. While many a case the trade pundits are cautious about such first timers, in this case, they broke the shackles and bet their moneys big time on them.

The audio was announced to be a first of its kind effort in which theaters across the state were connected LIVE too. And one fan each from Vizag Sangam Sarath theaters in Vizag, Asian theater from Warangal, Raj Theater in Kurnool, Annapurna theater in Vijayawada and Ashoka theater in Rajahmundry hosted the lunch of a song from the album on a LIVE feed from the theaters in a first of its kind effort. These are the fans that were selected by directors on ABN LIVE shows thru the past few days.

Three fans from each of the venue were also given a chance to ask the hero Mahesh, Director Sukumar and the Music director Devi Sri Prasad a question and the fans across the state were treated with their answers which they themselves wanted to know from these guys.

There was deafening cries from the fans not just in Silpa Kala Vedika but all the five theaters where the LIVE feed was activated from. The event went rather inconsistently but that was never the obstacle for the Superstar fans who wanted to fill the Man in their eyes and go back home. Their love was aptly repaid by a humble and honest Mahesh when he thanked them with folded hands and choking voice in the end.

The evening started with some pleasant and breathtaking performances. The speeches, however were initiated by Superstar Krishna and rightly so.

‘This Film Broke Records Before Release’: Superstar Krishna

‘We talk about the film’s records after the release but this is one film that created trade records even before the release and that goes to show Mahesh and his fans stamina. I know how hard Mahesh worked for this film. Music, Camera, Producers and directors all worked along with him so hard and I congratulate everyone for this output. I get goose bumps when I hear the song ‘Who Are You’. I also bless my grandson Gautham. He is debuting exactly at the same age when Mahesh got his debut. I wish he takes the baton forward.

Guests spoke with involvement and about their association with the Superstar Mahesh Babu.

Jay Galla: When I was married, Mahesh was 13 years of age. Knowing that he is so younger than me, I grew as a fan of his charisma and like you, I also whistle to him on screen. This film will place him as the undisputed No. 1 of Telugu Film Industry.

Boyapati Srinu: This is an unseen efforts from the producers and especially Superstar Mahesh Babu in arranging the LIVE broadcast from theaters across the state, keeping the fans’ enthusiasm and hardships in participating in such event. I congratulate him and you guys are fortunate to have been his fans. This is a mixture of No. 1 talent... Mahesh, Sukumar, Devi and 14 reels. Congratulations to all.

Srikanth Addala: I wish to remain as a fan of Mahesh Babu coz that gives me a clear vision of how I want to see him and thus show him. He is the one human being who called me when I was struggling with a family issue and filled me with courage. I worked with Sukumar as AD in ‘Arya’ and proud of it. I know how hardworking, creative that genius of a man is. 14 Reels is such production house whom you want to make a film for. They are committed and passionate producers.

Srinu Vaitla: 14 Reels trio are my friends. Unlike many producers, they are assets for a film themselves. They are passionate, hard working, smart business acumen and courage in spending for the film and then marketing it. Sukumar has a style and a signature as a director. DSP gives his 100% always for the film. Chandra Bose gives his best for Sukumar. Mahesh has an inbuilt weapon called patience. I didn’t see him complain even a single day or cancelling a day’s shoot citing off-moods as a reason. This film will create all the records and I promise you, ‘Aagadu’ will break them immediately.

The turn of crew members who were especially in praise of the trio of producers who have done an extravagant yet elegant job of the production.

Chandra Bose: Lot of hard work went into the lyrics and I am sure I could pen some wonderful lyrics. I thank Sukumar for the thought, DSP for the notes, 14 Reels for the notes and Mahesh for the encouragement.

Ratnavelu: I caught up with Sukumar immediately after ‘Robot’ and its my third film with him. I can confidently say, my best output till date. I grew as a great fan of Mahesh Babu thru the shoot.

Peter Hains: I am lucky to have done this film, especially coz the story is very close to my own. I love the way Mahesh Babu works.

Kriti Sanon: I am fortunate to be a part of this film. I love this place, I love Mahesh Babu’s fans, my crew, producers, music of the film and above all, Mahesh Babu. Thank You.

Devi Sri Prasad as usual rocked the stage and brought the house to sing his tunes, on rhythm and in chorus to the song ‘Who Are You’

‘I Waited For Long For Mahesh’: Devi Sri Prasad

We were expected to do a project long back but it didn’t materialize. I am happy it happened in Sukumar’s project. Mahesh’s charismatic energy, Sukumar’s intelligent energy, 14 Reels financial energy and my musical energy will make a great film of this. Now, the fans will have to make it a huge success investing all their energies as well.

‘If I Were To Compose Music, I Would Look Like Devi’: Sukumar

With Devi, this is my sixth film and what can I say… He is my alter ego. If I were to be a music composer, I look like him. We match so much coz we think and emote alike.

Ratnavelu gave a great final look to the film. He defined it and the one reason for this output is, he just loved Mahesh Babu.

Peter Hains half directed the film. He was so passionate in designing the action episodes that the whole film looks like a great action story, not a musical.

Producers 14 Reels Entertainment are so patient and I am fortunate to have got them. In a scenario atypical to a Telugu film, they were requesting me to erect a set where I was insisting on not having one.

I asked Kriti in the audition what her percentage was. She said 89 and I said ‘You are selected’. I was sure that she could memorize the lines the way I want her to. She did and you see a matured performance from her.

I am fortunate to be introducing the little superstar. Gautham will surprise you coz he surprised us with his preparedness for his work. I assure the fans a double bonanza with the film, father and the son.