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Mahesh Babu on 'Maharshi', upcoming movies, multi-starrers & more

Saturday, May 4, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Mahesh Babu on Maharshi, upcoming movies, multi-starrers & more

Mahesh Babu is utterly confident about 'Maharshi', which releases on May 9.  In this interview, catch him talk about the film, working with Vamshi Paidipally, the film's songs, what is so special about the subject, future projects, why he chose Anil Ravipudi over Sukumar, multi-starrers and more.  

Toughest part of 'Maharshi'

All the three shades have come out really well.  My favourite shade pertains to the college scenes.  The college scenes run for 45 minutes.  It was the biggest challenge to pull it off because it's not easy to convince the audience as a college-goer after doing 24 films.  I myself took time to convince myself imagining in that role.  There is no similarity with '3 Idiots'.  

Most genuine film

I have not listened to such a profound character in my career.  This is the most genuine film that the Telugu audience are going to watch in a long time.  It will impress all sections of audiences.  

Hats off to Vamshi

I wanted to send off Vamshi (Paidipally) after listening to the story for 10 minutes.  But once I started listening to him, I was blown away.  I told him that he needs to wait since I have two films on hand.  He told me he would wait and write a better version.  Hats off to his conviction.  He believed that only I can do this script.  'Maharshi' was never planned to be my 25th outing.  It just happened.  

Powerful point in 'Maharshi'

Films like 'Srimanthudu' and 'Bharat Ane Nenu' had powerful social messages.  I am proud to have been a part of such films.  Same goes with 'Maharshi'.  I thank my directors and writers for these movies.  In 'Maharshi', we have touched upon a powerful point.  I don't want to spoil the audience's excitement by speaking anything about the point.  Writers Hari-Solomon and Vamshi have done a great job.  They improvized on the script for 2 years after I okayed it.  The more time you spend on the script, the better it would be.  My eyes became wet during the dubbing stage.

Naresh is very good

I am happy that Allari Naresh did the role.  Vamshi was very particular about casting him.  We are grateful that he did the movie.  

Satisfying looks in the film

Vamshi was clear about the contrast in looks - of the student, the CEO, and the farmer.  Many have been complaining that my look has been the same film after film.  With 'Maharshi', they will be satisfied.  I have to thank DOP KU Mohanan for the visuals.  'Maharshi' has no similarities whatsoever with 'Srimanthudu'.  

Mahesh Babu on Maharshi, upcoming movies, multi-starrers & more

An emotional script

This is the most relatable movie.  That's the beauty of an emotional script.  I could relate to the script in many places.  So will the audience.

Films are time-taking

Films are a big task these days.  Nanna garu did 300 films.  Today, even 25th film is being treated as a landmark film.  It's taking 8-9 months to make a movie.  This is because of the vast improvements in technology.  Shooting a big film needs meticulous planning.  Making a big film in 5-6 months would be an unbelievable achievement.

I have nothing against Puri, Sukumar

It was my mistake to forget Puri Jagannadh that day.  That's why I later tweeted about 'Pokiri' and him.  At the same time, I feel happy to have worked with Sukumar on '1: Nenokkadine', which is a cult movie.  Many have twisted my comments and said that I indirectly took a dig at Sukumar that day.  I only appreciated Vamshi for waiting for me for 2 years.  Sukumar is a very good friend of mine, and we are going to work together.  It's not about hit or flop movies.  It's about the experience.  'Murari' and the like have been very important movies.  It's not like I wanted to thank only those directors who gave me hits.

On DSP's music

Devi's music is unbelievable.  These are the kind of songs that work as part of the film.  They are story-based.  Many have commented that the songs are not up to the mark.  Once the film releases, every song will become a super hit.  

A film with huge span

'Maharshi' has a huge span.  If I am a CEO in New York, you have to show me that way genuinely.  So, the budget can go out of control.  Even the village-based scenes have a lot of span.  Every day, something like 1000 junior artists had to be present on the sets.  We are very happy the producers supported us thoroughly.  

May 9th will be magical

Sentiment is not relevant for films like this.  May 9th is a magical date.  We have had many blockbusters on that date.  My fans too will start loving the date after 'Maharshi'.

Anil Ravipudi vs Sukumar

I have been doing intense films.  I wanted to do an entertainer for a change.  That's why I have gone in for Anil Ravipudi's movie.  I and Sukumar parted ways for the time being after mutual talks.  We sorted out issues in no time.  Anil's film will go on the floors by June end.  It's a full-fledged entertainer.  

Learning from mistakes

I am going in only for bound scripts.  Earlier, I used to do a film if I am excited after listening to a 30-minute narration.  It's not like that now.  Stakes are too high these days and we can't afford to rework on a script after a schedule or two.  I take my failures personally.  So, I have learned from my mistakes like 'Spyder' and 'Brahmotsavam'.  

Film with Rajamouli

Rajamouli and I have decided to work once we complete after respective commitments.  I had discussions with Trivikram garu, too.  We are positive about the project.   I am scared of historical movies unless it's a Rajamouli garu who is the director.  

Being a producer

We want to encourage talents like Adivi Sesh.  That's why I am producing a film with him.  Sony came in and took it to the next level.  I will be continuing with such efforts.  

AMB Cinemas is a great experience

It was a dream for 6 years.  I and Sunil Narang of Asian Cinemas had a discussion in 2013.  I only told him that the multiplex should have the best technology and have a 5-star look.  I used to give only one input to him.  I told him repeatedly that the multiplex should feature the best technology.  I am very happy that the patrons are fully satisfied.  I am planning to watch 'Avengers' at AMB Cinemas soon.

Being a brand ambassador

My only priority is that the brand has to be special.  Other things are looked after by my wife.

'Maharshi' huge business before release

On the one hand, I am happy.  On the other hand, it also makes one nervous because the stakes are huge.  If the pre-release business is Rs 150 Cr, there is no other go for the film.  It has to become an all-time hit.  Only then will the buyers be safe.  

The 'Avengers' phenomenon

When you give the audience a good film, the Indian audience love to go and watch it in a theatre.  More so the Telugu audience.  It's a good thing.  For Indians, films are the first source of entertainment.

Doing a multi-starrer 

Multi-starrers are not a joke.  You need a proper director like Rajamouli garu to handle two big stars.  It all depends on the director.

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