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Main Meri Patni Aur Woh Preview

Main Meri Patni Aur Woh Peview
Rajpal Yadav, Rituparna Sengupta
Chandan Arora

Main Meri Patni Aur Woh

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

How many times have you silently wondered that you and your spouse are a mismatch? Yes, most of the times one feels that is/her spouse does not fit in the parameters that were in mind before getting married. But in rare scenarios, sometimes it also happens that you yourself realize that your spouse could have got a much better deal than you! What do you do in that case?

'Main Meri Patni Aur Woh', a delightful light hearted entertainer takes this idea forward and builds a story about a married couple who are way off from each other physically.

Directed by Chandan Arora, whose debut directorial venture was Rajpal Yadav-Antara Mali starrer 'Main Madhuri Dixit Banana Chahti Hoon', comes up with yet another flick with a middle class setting. For MMPAW, he again ropes in Rajpal Yadav, who gets to play the lead role for the second time in his career. Meanwhile renowned Bengali actress Rituparna Sengupta is the lead heroine [i.e. 'patni'] in MMPAW. Who is the 'woh'? Well, for that you need to venture into the theatres to find out more.

In the city of Lucknow stays a middle-class man just like most of us. 34 years old with a French beard and a mature persona, Mithilesh Shukla [Rajpal Yadav] is a content bachelor and wants to stay the same for his entire life. Reason? He has a short height and carries the complex of the fear of rejection. But life was never meant to be same for him for all his years, as soon comes in his life Veena [Rituparna Sengupta], a beautiful charming girl. Introduced by his family for an arranged marriage, this Bareli girl is everything that Mithilesh would have ever dreamt of.

But now he fears if his dreams would come true? After avoiding the talks of marriage for all these years, now he does want Veena to say 'Yes' for the marriage though he has a fear in his heart ! A fear of rejection because Veena is taller to him!! Taller to such an extent that it clearly shows and cannot be camouflaged with the best of everyone's efforts.

Dreams do come true not just in reel life but also in real life! This is what Mithilesh realizes when Veena says yes to the proposal. Obviously thrilled about the prospects of a wonderful life going forward, Mithilesh is on the seventh heaven and soon the two of them get married.

But is the end of all of his troubles? Or do his troubles begin from hereon? Because from this juncture on he [or is it Veena?] becomes the center of attraction of everyone around. Be it his friend who soon become extra friendly, his neighbors who make the phrase 'neighbor's envy owner's pride' seem like a cruel reality, young boys on the streets, women in the neighborhood, the 'subzee-waalas' and the 'doodh-waalas' - everyone appears to be showing a keen interest in his personal life.

All this could have still been tolerated because these were the outsiders barely known to Veena, hence they could be shrugged away with relative easy. But what if someone close to Veena threatens to make Mithilesh conscious about his self? Would Veena succumb to the views of someone known to her from the past and result in Mithilesh loosing the one he has truly loved?

Mithilesh's worst fears come true with the entry of 'woh' in the scene. A man who was known to Veena from her old days. A 'woh' who is everything that Mithilesh is NOT! Talk, dark, handsome - in one word a MAN that every woman like Veena would want and would truly DESERVE.

He is Akash, a computer hardware engineer from Delhi, who is naturally charming [just like Veena], a smooth talker [just like Veena], a pleasing personality [just like Veena] and above all, is a few inches TALLER than Veena!! This marks the final nail in the coffin for Mithilesh as Akash moves in a flat just opposite to theirs. Akash and Veena start interacting on a regular basis and Mi