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Man sues wife's lover and wins $8.8 million!

Thursday, August 9, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Man sues wifes lover and wins $8.8 million!

Man finds wife in bed with her lover. Then he sues the man. Wins almost $9 million as ordered by the court. Say what? Yes, this really happened in North Carolina, US. Though in many states in US adultery has no punishment, Francisco Huizar who has been seeing victim Keith King’s wife for 16 months will shell out $8.8 million. 

Most of the money was punitive damages to fine the accused, while $2.2 was compensatory. Reportedly, Danielle Swords the wife and her lover Huizar met at a bike expo held by her husband’s company. This happened after about five years of marriage. First King noticed innappropriate texs between the pair and even an instance where Danielle recorded a video of Huizar holding her husband in a chokehold.

In North Carolina it is possible for a person to accuse their spouse of enagaging in extra marital affairs referred to as alienation of affection. Huizar was also charged of criminal conversation which refers to sexual acts outside of marriage.

King also filed charges on intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery. He also stated that after his wife’s infedielity was found, his company lost revenue and an employee in his wife.