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Shocking video: Biker brain dead after accident while talking on cell phone

Thursday, July 12, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Man becomes brain dead after bike accident when talking on phone

Seriously how many times do we need to be reminded of riding our vehicles while talking on the phone. Time and time again the police department have been warning and even videos where we see gory, grim deaths doesn’t succeed in actually ingraining in people’s minds that teh habit is life threatening.

A video from Hyderabad has emgerged in the web where we can see a man focused on his phone and oblivious to the surroundings. He takes a turn crosses the road on towards the wrong side and attempts to cross the road, all the while talking on the phone. The victim was also not found to be wearing a helmet. Surely if he was wearing one, the impact might have been greatly reduced.

What happens is that he gets into an accident with a motorist coming from the opposite direction. After he was taken to a nearby hospital, now he has been declared as brain dead. So people, please never talk on phone while riding,always wear a helmet and instruct your friends, family, loved ones to adhere to this very important rule that might avert us from danger.