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Indian engineer saves a life by doing what a doctor couldn't do

Saturday, May 12, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Do you think only doctors save lives? No, we aren’t talking about God here. This is about how an engineering student saved a man from dying. For those of you dubious, this is a student from IIT, so actually the life in question was saved instead of the opposite.

Karttikeya Mangalam was travelling from Geneva in an India bound flight. A fellow passenger Thomas’s blood sugar levels shoot up due to lack of insulin. But he didn’t have his insulin pump with him save only the cartridges. Fortunately there was a fellow doctor passenger but again without the right equipment adjustments to inject the insulin into Thomas’s body.

The Indian engineer gets up, asks for a ball point pen’s spring, re-assembles the doctor’s equipment and finally injects insulin into Thomas. Thomas saved. Mangalam is an IIT Electrical Engineering undergraduate student who with his presence of mind was able to save a life. So there you go, yet another Indian hero to celebrate!