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Manja Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 8, 2014 • Malayalam ]
Manja Review
Niyas Bakker, Shammi Thilakan, Ashokan
Bijoy Urmise
Rammohan S Menon
Sejo John , Jessin


'Manja' coming from debutante director Bijoy Urumese started off well and was all set to make an effort to enjoy some good reports. But by midway, the movie got messy and with no clear plans to make a serious discussion on the plight of mollywood, it ends up as an average flick. A movie which lacks comprehensiveness and coherence while trying to find out why the audience show apathy and indifference to many good films, Manja lacks much in its scripts.

Niyaz Bakker is cast as Jackson Kambakkara, who is a hardworking, simple young guy from a village. He has no issues to sweat it out, be it taking care of the cattle, doing agricultural activities or running a chicken stall. But at a point of time when his lover thinks of opting for a better person for marrying, Jackson decides that he has to be a film star. He start sto do everything possible that will help him to achieve that dream. And for that he even starts making a film himself.

The movie also presents in its parallel track, the story of Abhayaraj (Shammi Thilakan) an old time hit maker who is now struggling to make a comeback. And then there is Variety Jimmy (visibly inspired from Santhosh Pandit), who makes his own movies and acts in them with all associated star tantrums. Into this scenario is the arrival of Jackson Kanbakkara to make a name in cinema.

The attempt and the premise of `Manja' is not that bad, but had the makers approached it more differently it could have shaped into something that sells and satisfies more. The script could have been better; so is the quality of humour. With nothing much fresher in the narratives, `Manja' may find it difficult to last in theatres for long.

Niyaz Bakker has performed well and is convincing in the lead role. Shammi Thilakan is also just right for the role. Joy Mathew, who presents and narrates the story, has nothing much to do, while the rest of the cast just play to their roles. The movie has good BG scores and the songs by Sejo John and Jessin George  just manage with the quality of the narratives. Manja is also supported by some colourful frames,  especially in the early half.

All in all this Manja is far from totally impressive. Another opportunity gone waste for a debutante.

Rating: 4.5/10 



Rating: 0 / 5.0

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