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Manjeera Music Review

Manjeera Music Review
MMK Arts
Gowtham, Sridevi, Raghuvarun, Saleem Panda, Ramaraju, Ashok Kumar, Bramhanandam, Jeeva, Bhanuchander, Surya, Dandapani, Silon Manohar, Gopikrishna and others
Mothukuri Sambasaivarao
Shekar Chandra
Mellifluous Collection Of Melodies
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 • Telugu Comments

MMK Arts' `Manjeera' stars debutant hero Gautham and Sridevi in the lead. Director Sai Bhanu has directed the movie and Mothukuri Sambasiva Rao has produced it.

Music has been composed by 'Nachavule' fame Shekhar Chandra, who has rendered some attractive tunes for this film. There are 6 songs in this audio album and let's find out which are the best numbers in the list.

Manasulo..mouname..    Listen here

Ranjith has sung this romantic male solo which has been written by Varikuppala Yadagiri. This melody is soothing with lyrics like `Nuvve nuvve nuvve aro pranam anukunnanu; Ninne ninne ninne na pranamga preminchanu' that adds to the mood. Shekar Chandra's composition blends well along the lyrics with Ranjith's variation in his style of song giving it the final touch. This song is for soft and slow paced melody adherents.

Tholi tholi saariga..    Listen here

Chinmayee's beautiful voice welcomes us into this Carnatic styled song penned by Chirrapuri Vijaykumar. The score has a classical touch with Bharathanatya styled dance beats in the instruments used. Chirrapuri's pen created verses that go like, `Andalenno eduruga unna, naa andanne pogidesthunna.' Chinmayee's voice and Carnatic touch are the two major highlights of this song.

Kaalam Kaasintha Sepu    Listen here

This number is a soft melody that fills the heart with a whiff of freshness in its first instance itself. Deepu has neatly voiced this song written by Ramu. The lyrics gel with the voice of the singer which gets bolstered by the music. Surprisingly, the two middle portions have been composed in style contrast to the song's feel. The first has a unique mix of jazz guitar with classical instruments while the latter with a nice note of Piano which is mellifluous to listen to. On the whole, this melody is definitely not to be missed out.

Edalo Madilo Badilo Odilo   Listen here

Music director Shekhar Chandra had come up with an energetic composition to enchant the youngsters. Sung by Deepu, Kandikonda penned the words for the song. Albeit posing some known fast beats, the way its sung and with pleasant rhythmic words Gudilo badilo ninnati kalalo neeve neeve unnavu entwined into the tone gives it a great repetitive value.

Kadalaraa Kanulu Chedirela   Listen here

A deep emotional song in the voice of Ranjith which has lyrics penned by Ananth Sriram. The slow start moves to a high pitch note which is alluring to hear. The verses `Pidikilini biginchi, nidura marachi, mari theginchi leraa..' expels outburst emotions of the lover. The variation in the pitch of the song which goes high and low again is different. A high octane rock guitar backed up with orchestral strings make this number worthy. A perfect treat for fast beat, rock style music lovers.

Theme Music    Listen here

The movie's theme song is mainly based on Ghazals accompanied with Tabla that adds to the rhythm. Interludes added with Ghazal humming are nice to listen and gives the short but sweet theme music a nice touch.

In a nutshell, Shekhar Chandra has made some very good compositions that are laudable for their tunes. He has concentrated more of the number of melodies than fast beats which is praise worthy. `Manjeera' is an album with good music, lyrics and has a high repetitive value.

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