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Masalaa Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, July 19, 2005 • Kannada ]
Masalaa Review
Sunil, Radhika, Vishal Hegde, Suja, Sundarraj, Nagashekhar, Sarigama Viji, Padmavasanthi
Rainbow Company
Sadhu Kokila

"Masalaa" had made lot of pre release voices in the media when it faced censor problems. The Regional censor board in Bangalore refuses to certify the film as it found many sequences and dialogues in the film objectionable. After the producers decided to cut a few sequences and include some alternative dialogues in place of some double meaning dialogues, the censor board cleared the film with UA certificate.

The fact that the film opened well on the release date in many theatres in the state is something to do with the censor controversy. But it is a pity to see such a film in the days when Kannada film industry is heralding some growth in terms of quality and box office collections.

"Masalaa" is clearly an intolerable plot from an inefficient team. Dayal, the director of the film who heads this team has made some insipid films earlier, but "Masalaa" takes the cake as his worst. He is the real culprit. To see this film continuously for nearly 135 minutes is like inviting trouble for yourself, a torturous exercise really. The film is full of double meaning dialogues, badly narrated sequences, and some vulgar dances.

Another surprising feature of this film is that some veterans in the field like K.C.N.Chandrashekhar and K.C.N.Kumar who have earned some respect in the industry produced it. How such veterans fell into the web of such soft porn films should surprise anyone in the industry. Another point is that actress Radhika who has recently won a state award has acted in this film and wants to desperately look sexy in the film. She just nods her head when other artists utter double meaning dialogues. There is not one point in the film, which could be appreciated, but there are many negative points that fill the list.

The story revolves around three college student pals who are fun loving. Vishwa (played by Sunil, the hero of the film) is the leader of this gang. Vishwa is jovial and this trait is liked by many of his college mates including Ashwini who falls for him. But Vishwa spurns Ashwini, but is attracted by Suma (Radhika). Vishwas resists the advances made by Ashwini. At the same time another boy is in deep love with Suma who also refuses to entertain him. Both the dejected lovers combine to create some wedge between Vishwa and Suma, and achieve some success.

Meanwhile, Vishwa wants to clear misunderstanding with Suma, but in the meantime he is charged with murdering Ashwini, who gets killed when being raped by a team of fashion co-coordinators. How Vishwa and his friends come out from the foisted charges of murder and get united with their lovers forms the rest of the story.

It is a pity that such talented artists like Sunil, Radhika and Sundar Raj are featured in this listless film. The music of the film rendered by Sadhu Kokila is ordinary, and one song of the film is lifted from "Madana Madana' song in Tamil film "Kuththu". Hegde's shot compositions are just O.K.

"Masalaa" is a film of poor taste, which can be avoided.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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