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Masth Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, January 23, 2009 • Telugu ]
Masth Review
Zee Motion Pictures
Sivaji, Siva Balaji and others
SV Krishna Reddy
SV Krishna Reddy

SV Krishna Reddy's close-to-heart family entertainers like `Bahumathi' is long lost history after `Masth' hit the screens. Starring Shivaji, Shivabalaji and Anchal in the lead, Zee Motion Pictures have ventured into production with this film which was released on January 23rd. With more of cons than pros, we present a review on `Masth'.


The aspiring model Shivaji loses his sight after prolonged exposure to the photo studio's light, while one more aspiring singer Srinivas becomes mute after a cacophonous humming. Ali, the communicator helps his challenged friends when Anupama (Anchal) enters their life. She gets forced out of her hostel by constant harassment of the local goon Bhadur. She lures the three musketeers and finally ends up staying in their rented house whose owner is Brahmanandam. Both Shivaji and Brahmanandam fall in love with Anupama and try to woo her.

The story continues to narrate who is Anupama and the fate of the three losers. Does Anupama really love any one of them? `Masth' answers the question in an irksome way.

Performance of Artists

We cannot blame the cast Shivaji, Sivabalaji, Ali and Srinivas Reddy's amateur serial like performance, for the film offers no scope at any point to act. The three musketeers act more like clowns than humans with badly designed caricature. In the list Mukul Dev as villain, Raghubabu, MS Narayana, Suneel, Uttej, Venu just meagerly cross the line with whatever dialogues given. Anchal's skin show is as bad as her emoting on screen. In this television serial-ish film (no remote, bad luck!), everyone's performance is nothing to write home about.

Technicians work

SV Krishna Reddy has himself composed the music and penned the lyrics. It would have been better if he just concentrated on direction, as the songs seriously lack charm. Bad placement of songs worsens the situation, and people couldn't grasp the verses. No points for music.

Following SVK's work is the dialogues written by Marudhuri Raja which are senseless and inane. The booby prizes go to Jaiprakash, the art director and NagiReddy, the editor for doing a bad job all the way. Srinivas Reddy's cinematography is a saving grace yet lighting in songs is bad.

Director's Portrayal

All credit goes to the director for making a bad script even worse on screen with his narration and characterization. He didn't attempt to envisage a fresh thought in the script nor deliverance. Really, two thumbs down for the maker who needs to heed more concentration in movie making as a big line of youngsters are coming up fast.


Finally, here we are to justify the title given. Movies are made for entertainment and it shouldn't test your tolerance level. But, `Masth' is a mind wobbler for the cinegoer which puts them in an endurance test for two and half hours. Strictly not for people who wants quality entertainment but only if one wishes to be tormented.

Released on: January 23, 2009

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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