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Mathadu Mathadu Mallige Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, August 27, 2007 • Kannada ]
Mathadu Mathadu Mallige Review
Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Suhasini
Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar
Gandugali K.Manju

Director of repute Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar is ahead of time. For the fate of 400 million people in India in 2015 he sends across as a message. As a prelude to it he has made 'Mathad Mathadu Mallige' - a small village big story. Kannada cinema has really come to the rescue of onslaught of multi national companies on farmers. It is befitting answer to all those soppy dramas that have long been passed off in the name of cinema. This is a must watch for all segments of society as the danger to the mother earth is effectively explained by a director with conviction. Like a periodic cinema it is a cinema for the movement.

With powerhouse of talented artistes and technicians director Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar has taken impeccable performances and technically the film is apt. On the whole this is superbly crafted brilliant film. Writer cum director of successful films in Kannada Nagathihalli deserves a salute for original and captivating thoughts. This is a socially relevant film. It is only length of the movie that tests the patience.

Hoovaiah (Dr.Vishnuvardhana) and Kanaka (Suhasini) with three children Sampige, Jaaji and Mallige is the highly respected family in Jenukoppa and surrounding villages. Hoovaiah is like Danashura Karna and his ideologies are Gandhian in nature. As his first daughter falls in love with a DC who comes to the village to evacuate the villagers he becomes very philosophical. He argues with the DC and says that at any cost he cannot win his heart and succeed in his work of evicting the people of his village. From here the film picks up its scale. In the house and in public Hoovaiah wages a lone battle. His second and third daughter also looks at their own ways. Hoovaiah at this time further become strong. For the multi national diamond company he files a case in the Supreme Court. In the meeting with ministers and multi national diamond company he gives wonderful statistics and walks out of the meeting firmly disagreeing to surrender his village for MNC's. At this time he loses his wife in the police atrocity and daughter joins a Naxal group next moment. Life becomes miserable in his village. The villagers of Jenukoppa desert him. In the dilapidated Mantap of the village he sits on a hunger strike. But before this he turns down the revolutionary stand of a youth. The hunger strike for retaining the village by Hoovaiah reaches the capital of state and Supreme Court of India. On the 10th day of hunger strike Hoovaiah wins the battle with silence.

Dr.Vishnuvardhana is the right choice for this role. He has that build, looks and age that makes the role very strong. The backing he has in Karnataka is also the highest and his ideology in the film makes sense. Suhasini as Kanaka fumbles when it comes to dialogue delivery. No doubt she is a fine actress. Sudeep as revolutionary youth has been too good in the small role. The band of comedy artistes Mandya Ramesh, Doddanna, Rangayana Raghu, Bank Janardhan, Biradar and others have given admirable support. Thara the national award winning actress has picked another meaningful role. In the three daughter roles it is Smitha who shines when compared to Rashmi and Tejaswini.

Mano Murthy and meaningful lyrics by Nagathihalli Chandrasekhar boosts up the value for the film. All have been very well placed. Krishnakumar aerial shots and capturing the greenery and forest of unknown places so far on Kannada screen deserves full appreciation.

This is not just a film. Film that is food for thought too! It is an awakening cinema and clarion call for the villagers and farmers.

Scoring 8/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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