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Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 29, 2014 • മലയാളം ]
Mathai Kuzhappakkaranalla Review
Jayasurya & Bhama
Akku Akbar
Anto Jospeh
Mathai Kuzhappakkaaranalla

Mathai Kuzhappakaran Alla,Jayasuriya

Coming from a hit maker like Akku Akbar, 'Mathai Kuzhappakaranalla' was expected to be a finer film, as the director was indulging into the scripting side also for the first time. But no luck this time too, as like many of his ventures that failed the viewers mid way, this Mathai will also turn problematic with no big story as its core.A low budget flick that shows itself in the frames, this film intended to be a fun flick  largely fails to entertain.

Mathai(Jayasuriya) is a good hearted young man who runs an auto rickshaw for a living. He is happily betrothed to Anna, an assistant to a lawyer practising in the city. Mathai has a habit to  give a try to interfere in any human issues that he finds in his neighbourhood and often enter into trouble solving them. One fine day he arrives in the city to accompany his fiancee to his village. But due to a unexpected harthal he is asked to wait till evening to start their journey back. In the meantime, Mathai decides to visit a doctor named Nandhakumar, a leading cardiologist,  whom he acquainted a few months ago. Nandhakumar is happy to see Mathai and takes him to his house. Mathai learns that Nandhakumar is in the brim of a broken marriage.  His wife Geetha and her family seldom consider his professional values and is always giving priority to their social status, which resulted in the issues between the couple. Mathai decides to give a try to get them back into track. What follows forms the rest of the tale.

Taking liberal inspirations from films like Bheja Fry to create its narratives, much of the film is set inside two houses where the lead characters converse between themselves mostly on speaker phones. Though the intention of discussing family issues and reasons for divorces appear noble, the writer in Akku Akbar spoils the thread largely due to redundant sequences of chats and quarrels over phones. Dialogues appear like never ending  sermons and are too preachy to satisfy an average viewer. The director also tries to put in suggestions and opinions on everything that he finds related to marital discord.

The only fine element in the entire movie that garners interest  appears to be the character  of Jayasuriya , once again speaking in that typical Thrissur accent, and cracking admirable jokes at intervals. He appears believable with his very realistic behaviour and body languages. Bhama as Anna lend him able  support, Mukesh and Lekshmy Gopalaswamy are ok in their roles, while the rests of the cast play to their roles. The technical sides of the movie are average with Pradeep Nair's camera  just creating visuals  that matcher the average quality of the movie . The editor Lijo Paul has tried to pacen up the proceedings at times, even with multiple frames, but with no such big action happening, little luck here. BG scores by Mohan Sithara are loud at times.

This Mathai Kuzhapakaranakalla' may not be a fine watch for  viewers who expects anything fresh from it. Even at 110 minutes, the movie appear stretched and preachy to the core.Watch it on our risk.

Rating -5/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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