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Mazaa-Mazza Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, July 19, 2005 • Hindi ]
Mazaa-Mazza Review

With 'Mazaa Mazaa' hitting the marquee, one strongly feels that this should bring an end to any more launches of films that revolve mainly around titillating audiences with sex based themes. One can't say much about the movies for which filming is already in progress, but any more of such films from such genre is a definite no-no!

'Mazaa Mazaa' is a glaring example of how fast an idea travels. Within a year of Hollywood flick '13 Going on 30' being released, producer Ramesh K Doshi and director T.L.V. Prasad come up with a 'desi' version of the same movie as ' Mazaa Mazaa '. T.L.V. Prasad, who worked with Mithun Chakravorty in quite a number of movies during his 'Ooty-wood' phase struck gold with skin flick 'Tauba Tauba' last year. Teaming up with the same lead heroine Payal Rohatgi, he also introduces Shivani in 'Mazaa Mazaa' that has music by Arun Daga, Satish-Ajay and John Hunt. Farid Amiri is in a lead role while Vishwajeet Pradhan, Pankaj Beri and Tej Sapru play supporting parts.

A story that could been beautifully told, just like comic book 'Cinderella' with target audience as children, is instead given a sleaze angle by the makers of the movie that focuses more on Payal and Shivan's anatomy than anything else. The script is straight out of '13 Going On 30' where the lead protagonist is a young girl Jassi [Payal Rohatgi] who has an inferiority complex about her looks and sexuality. She feels bored confined in her private world as she wants to be just like her older friends who are having all the fun in the world. Their dresses are jazzy, they go out and have fun and they do all the things that are prohibited for a girl of their age!

To add misery to her already dull life is a smart and manipulative girl Monica [Shivani], who enjoys a great time even at this age, hence making her feel even more insecure.

But not anymore. As in a matter of a few moments, she gets what she longed for all these years! A miracle happens and time moves on by 10 years. Now she, her rival Shivani and her only friend Rocky become older by 10 years overnight, hence giving Jassi ample opportunity to hit back. How? Because now she has a figure to die for while her age permits her to do all that she dreamt for. She goes to discotheques and clubs, hangs around with friends and wears everything that she could only imagine earlier.

And from hereon start a series of events, primarily related to her rivalry with Monica, which brings along a few interesting moments in the story. And while all this is happening, the narrative keeps throwing up number of sex laced instances, hence keeping its target audience [that has become minimal for last few months] interested.

If only the movie would have been released an year back, when the market for such movies was hot, 'Mazaa Mazaa' could have proved to be a money spinner to some degree. But in today's scenario, when everything apart from sex is having a great run at the box office, chances of 'Mazaa Mazaa' creating any impact seem bleak. Poor publicity, weak songs, functional cinematography and average performances further make 'Mazaa Mazaa' a weak affair. Slated to release last month before it suddenly disappeared after a nominal publicity, 'Mazaa Mazaa' has suddenly arrived at limited prints in the midst of biggies like 'Dus', 'Sarkar' and 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya' running to packed houses.

The only positive part of the movie is Payal Rohatgi, who does well what was required from her - display her anatomy and act reasonable. One only wonders till how long she would continue playing such parts when she could move up the ladder with better roles. She deserves to be noticed from hereon. Shivani gives neck to neck competition when it comes to body display and doesn't disappoint. Rests of the actors don't really have much to do with the ladies domina

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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