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Meesaya Murukku Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 21, 2017 • Tamil ]
Meesaya Murukku Review
Adhi , Vivek, Aathmika, Vijayalakshmi, Smile Settai RJ Vignesh, Smile Settai Anbu, Madras Central Gopi, Madras Central Sudhakar, Abdul, Ananth Ram, Vinoth Gd
Hiphop Tamizha
Sundar C.
Hiphop Tamizha

Hip Hop Tamizha started his musical journey through YouTube and then has carved a niche for himself as a singer and music composer in Kollywood. His directorial debut ‘Meesaiya Murukku’ packs a punch and hits all the right notes with its target audience, the youth.

According to media reports the film is based on Aadhi’s own life and gives a glimpse of his childhood as a timid boy who depends on his younger brother to fight his battles while also nursing feelings for a girl Nila. His father (Vivek) teaches his sons the dictum that whether they win or lose they should hold their heads high. The story then deals with engineering college and hostel life where Aadhi and R J Vignesh manage to squirm their way under the shadow of a senior boy Sudhakar. The first twist comes when Nila (Aatmika) is also a student of the same college and the rest of the story deals with how they fall in love and how simultaneously the hero buds as an artist reaching an emotional climax.

Hip Hop Aadhi fits easily into the character of the light hearted hero and has given a sincere performance scoring in the fun scenes as well as the emotional ones especially towards the climax. Vivek as a principled father who inspires his son’s persona has given one of his best performances in recent years and the very first scene belongs to him when he gives a Tamil punch to the school father .Aathmika the heroine also does what is required for her role and has her best moment in the end when she takes a practical decision. Ananth as the younger brother always on the vigil for his brother is well cast. YouTube stars R.J. Vignesh and ShaRa grab their opportunities with both hands and are responsible for the majority of fun moments in the film. It is nice to see many other YouTube talents given chances to shine throughout .

What works best in the film are the mostly clean comedy that is present throughout and though its a campus story it can be watched with the family. For a change the hero and his friend do not glorify smoking or drinking and the love scenes are also kept well within the limits of decency. The scenes that glorify Tamil and Bharathi and the motivational dialogues are well done. Towards the climax the film shifts to an emotional plane, which is not overdone and is very effective. The bonding of the brothers has the audience charged up every time they appear onscreen together and so does the father-son episodes.

On the downside the later part of the first half and well into the second there is a lack of pace. The story seems to be going nowhere with a lot of contrived character entries such as almost all the school friends and rivals coming together in the same college.

The backbone of 'Meesaiya Murukku' is the music and Aadhi has given a variety fare, including folk, gaana, rap and melody which are well placed in the film and thereby connect to the audiences. U.K. Senthilkumar and Kiruthi Vasan and Fenny Oliver’s crisp cuts are adequate. Sundar C and Khushbu have jointly bankrolled a film that will surely draw them younger crowds. Aadhi has made a decent debut as director even though he has let most of the film move with an air of casualness with no depth in them . However, he scores big in the emotional scenes and overall can twirl his mustache with satisfaction.

Verdict: Go for a musically charged youthful fun ride which is also emotionally rewarding

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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